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Thursday, May 13, 2010


After yesterday's fiasco with the Eclipse Soundtrack listing, we got a special treat from the Oprah show!!

YES! RPatzz, KStew and TayTay were on the Oprah show TODAY!! Even though it was a taped show from last week, it still felt like a live show!!!

She started her show like any other... comparing the series to the Beatles, "85 million books sold world wide... Mother and daughters bonding... The spark back in their love lives... " (I paraphrased there) and then she introduced them... Crowd goes wild... She asked them if they wanted to keep screaming for the whole hour... Ah, hellooooo Why Yes, yes i would scream for an hour in front of RPatzz!!!

As the hour went on, I really started to get into it... She asked them quirky little questions like - "Why is KStew shy" and "What would you be doing on a Saturday night" and "How did RPatzz learn an American accent" His answer was watching American movies and just picked it up, them he proceeds to say "Water" "Pasta" and "Nachos" in his native tongue and I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN!!!!

In between commercials, O threw in a little, and I mean little clip in from Eclipse... "THE HAND OFF" with a KISSSSSSSSSS "Does he ever wear a shirt" That will be MY LINE from this movie!!! I think I went into hysteria when I heard and saw that!!!

Then O showed some clips of RPatzz surprising fans at their home... That was wild! I tried to picture him showing up at my house and this is what I think would happen..........................

Then O showed a clip of Tay Tay surprising a huge group of sorority sisters. YIKES!

Now time for a little Dakota and an longer clip featuring Jane, Alec, Felix and Demtri!!! OMFE, Jane is such a Bad Butt!! She dropped Felix like it was NOTHING!

And yet another freaking commercial... BUT another little clip!! This time it's one my many favorite moments from the book, The Show Off... Feisty Edward is FREAKING HOT!!! And then another good line "I kissed Bella" Way to go Jake, not only does Ed want to kill you, you just made Charlie second guess ya! Way to Go Pup! LOL

And that is it!!! In all, it was a good show. I haven't been that excited about Oprah since, well New Kids On The Block was on, that was a long, long, long, time ago... in my other fandom world, lol!

SO, what did you think of O today??

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