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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Teaser for Chapter 2 :: Drinks on the House

RL is a BITCH... I'm trying to be good and stay off of the internet and lappy for the sake of my hubby so... 

Chapter 2 of Dreams did not get posted this week... Blame the hubs!

So, here is a little Teaser for Drinks on the House:

I still couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t do anything.
I could feel Marcus hovering over my shoulder, looking at my laptop.

“Wow, he’s gorgeous,” he snickered. “You can stop drooling now, Bella.”

“Wait… What…?” I was at a loss of words.

“I said you can stop drooling now.” He looked at me. “Are you okay?”

I wiped my mouth, just in case. “Yea, I’m fine. I think you just startled me or something.” I reached over to close out the picture.

“Hold up, wait a minute,” he stopped me. “Why were you searching for …?”

“I… I… wasn’t.” I shrugged my shoulders and fighting for control.

“Ah… right,” he snickered again. “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” I said closing my laptop. “Are you ready?”

“Yep,” he smiled. “After you.”

We walked out into the front, Marcus, checking to make sure everything was unplugged for the evening as I turned out the lights and set the alarm. We walked out, he locked the door and I pulled the security window down.

We met up with Angela and Jessica at our favorite bar, Friar Tucks, in the college area of town. Good music and cheap drinks. The girls were seated to the back, next to the stage and Jessica had a herd of guys breathing down her neck.

“Does she ever stop?” Marcus asked.

A night out on the town... wonder what happens... Chapter will go up tomorrow... Stay tuned!!!!

Master of The Universe video by IamBiel


Throbbing thighs... Lite headed... Biting knuckles... Speechless... 

That was me when I saw the above video... 

From IamBiel who makes the most awesome MotU inspired videos knocked the breath out of me and made me want a ciggie and some wine just to compose myself after this one. 

Via You Tube: Celebrating one year of pure submission to Fifty Shades, the unforgettable Master of the Universe character, by the very talented Snowqueens Icedragon.  

Check it out and be fore warned... Watch WITHOUT CHILDREN present and by yourself... and don't scream as loud as I did!! LOL


Thanks to @maryMABSAlice for sharing this with me!!!!  
Source: IamBiel You Tube page

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fanfiction Friday's with Lady Tazz

Happy Friday All!!

I'm back, and this week I'm bring you a completed story and a WIP by Awesomesauce76 and a very funny o/s by the Whitlock Harem

Today is all Edward/Bella AH and Vamp!
I'm passing out the Sham-wows cuz you will need them today!!!

Today's completed story:

Edward is having trouble balancing his urges for Bella's blood and Bella's body before the wedding. What started out as a simple "Practice Fic" has become a retelling of BD from EPOV that lets us see just how much he struggles for control at every turn.

This is an incredible vamp story - the retelling of Breaking Dawn from EPOV. This story is just "WOW". The emotions and turmoil that Edward goes through is so intense, it blows me away. The sex is incredibly HOT!!!The stand off with the Volturi is very well written (like it better them SM version). Give this story a try - you wont regret it!!!

Today's WIP (same author as above)

Bella Swan has spent a lifetime putting everyone else's needs before her own. Could a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger begin to change all of that? AU/AH

Well ladies, go grab your vibrator, a sham-wow and a few extra panties, Because you will need them. This is one of the HOTTEST stories I have read in fanfiction.

I fell in love with this author's writing when I read Blood and Lust (if you haven't read - RUN and read it).

I have never seen the movie so I had no premise for the story line before reading. So I just dove in not knowing what to expect and I was captivated in chapter 1, by chapter 2 the story owned me.

Chapter 10 is the most erotic, sexy and fucking hottest chapter! I need a shower after - trust me when I say HOT!!!!! Chapter 12 made me cry!

You will fall in love with this Edward and Bella - they both are very tortured souls that find solace in each other.

Here is the blinkie:

Today's One shot Rec:

Edward meets his soul mate, Idreamofeddy! Started as a "What not to do in a lemon" exercise. CRACKFIC, LEMON! Rated M AH,AU,OOC and Original Character! all I can say about this O/S - it is SO funny and the sex is hot and funny as hell. Trust me and just go read. I don't think they could of put in another adjective!

~~~ remember as your read to show the author some love by reviewing~~~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

HollywoodCrush MTV Poll... Water for Elephants or On The Road

Hollywood Crush, MTV news wants your opinion in their poll... Which "Twilight" Star Other movie are you most excited for?

Well I for one can't wait for Water for Elephants or Welcome to the Riley's! And so far on the poll, Water For Elephants has the lead at 56%, closely followed by On the Road at 36%.

So which "Star" are you following and which movie are you most excited to see?? Go vote!

Source: Hollywood Crush

James Franco and Twiligh? Who knew?

 MTV News recently caught up with James Franco (best known on TV's soap General Hospital and movies like Pineapple Express) at the Toronto International Film Festival and apparently he is all up in the Twilight craze! I think it's kinda of cute, that Franco has an interest in this series.

He is currently reading Breaking Dawn and like most of us, he is disappointed about the lack of sex in the book. He is quoted as saying...  
"I read a part of it. I think I got to the sex scene, but it was so brief, I didn't even know if it was the actual sex scene," he admitted. "It was kind of a letdown after all that buildup."
Can I say one thing... Na, not going there... Thank God for Fan Fiction!!!! LOL

You can see the entire interview and video here:

Source: HollywoodCrush MTV

Best Covers of the Year

Over on they are have a little competition with some magazine covers... 

Hope on over and vote... Why? Because the Harper Bazaar's cover with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson is one of the many covers among the competition and I know our fandom likes to vote on these things!!! LOL

Vote Here:

"Heavy In Your Arms" - Florence And The Machine [OFFICIAL]

Even though there is no movie clips, here is the official video for Florence and The Machine "Heavy in Your Arms" from the Eclipse soundtrack! 

Source: eclipsethesoundtrack : youtube  

Twilight Road Signs???

My sister brought this funny little thing to my attention... Twilight Themed Road Signs????

Yep! According to The Portland Mercruy's Blogtown, Oregon roads may be a little safer after some Twilight inspired road signs were put up... like the one below. 

I personally think it's a cute approach to the younger crowd to get them to buckle up and stay safe but also think it's a big distraction... Said the chick who yells at every Volvo she sees on the road, LOL!

Source: Twilight Examiner

New Moon makes the Guinness World Records book!

Twilight Saga: New Moon Photo Summit 

Do you remember where you were on November 19 and 20th in 2009? Let's see... I was at my local theater watching Twilight at 9pm and then settling in my seat for the midnight showing of New Moon! How about you? Well if that was you too, then guess what...

Because of the opening day New Moon had back in November of 2009, it has earned a spot in the Guinness World Records book!

That's right... The Twilight Saga: New Moon earned the spot after having the Highest Opening Day Gross of $72.7 million. (it beat out the Dark Knight!) Also Twilight made the book along with director Catherine Hardwicke for Highest Grossing Movie by a Female Director.

Guinness World Record book is out now! 

Source: Twilight Examiner

Monday, September 20, 2010

Teaser for Chapter 1 :: Be Still My Heart from Dreams

It's Monday and that could only mean one thing... What it is I don't know but when I find out, I will pass the information along... LOL

Anyhoo... here is a sneak peak into the very first chapter of Dreams, Be Still My Heart.  I want to take this time and thank EVERYONE who has tagged to follow this story! It means the world to me and every review whether it's harsh or not just takes my breath away!!!!

Teaser: Be Still My Heart 

‘Darn,’ I thought to myself.  As I juggled everything, I managed to pull my phone out of my bag and went for the door handle.  Just as I began to open it, someone started to push it outward.  
“Crap,” I huffed.  There went everything in my arms.  My bag, laptop, papers, iPod, phone, wallet, you name it, it was on the ground.  

“Thanks a lot, jerk,” I said quietly to myself.

“I am so sorry, miss,” a man’s voice said, “Here let me get that.”  He started to scoop down and help me collect my things.

“It’s fine, I can get it,” I said as I quickly started putting my things back into my bag.  “I said I have it.”

As I stood up, the person was holding my laptop in one hand and his hand out for me to take.

“Thank you,” I said politely.  He held the door for me as I scooted into the shop.

“I believe this belongs to you,” he questioned as he handed me my laptop.  “You have an array of stickers covering it.  Interesting.”

As I turned around, I noticed his face for the first time.  I stood there, unable to speak, unable to move, unable to think. I saw the most beautiful gorgeous face, the kind one would only dream about.  I could not stop staring.  He held onto to one end of my laptop and I held the other.  We just stood there, looking at each other, as other people began to flood the store.  Almost everyone had to excuse themselves to get around us.

ooooo I wonder who she bumped into???? Wanta find out... The full chapter will be posted tomorrow!!! 

Geaux Saints! Who Dat! We Dat! 
(sorry had to plug that in... it's Monday Night Football!!)

Friday, September 17, 2010


So... most of you know that I read fan fiction and I know that most of you read it too. I've been noticing lately that not all of you are aware of the wide range of fics that we have access too.

Not only do I blog here and on Cullen's Love Shack but I also blog on Tazz's Obsession, a blog dedicated to Twilight Fan Fiction.

And now I have a very special blogger who will join us on Fridays and set you guys up with some stories that she finds interesting! They may be completed stories or stories that are a few chapters in. We also have some one shots too!

So with out further ado... Please give a round of applause to Lady Tazz as she gives us a look into the world of Twilight Fan Fiction!!

Happy Friday to all!!!

I'm Lady Tazz and I will be here every Friday to rec you stories that I love!!

Today I'm going to rec my fic idol Cullen818
she writes Jasper/Bella

She Has a finished Trilogy
Fate - Love - Hope

The First installment is:

Set two years after New Moon. Edward never came back and Bella is at college trying to pull her life together. She meets up with the one Cullen she never thought she could have anything in common with. Definately a Team Jasper story. Rated M for lemons

Steph (cullen818) is truly an amazing writer and she takes you on this incredible journey with Jasper and Bella.

I highly recommend this trilogy. I have read it twice, it's that good!

This was the first Jasper/Bella I ever read and it hooked me.The Jasper/bella pairing is becoming more popular, I believe it's because they fit so well together. Jasper does not treat Bella like a piece of china, he treats her as his equal in their relationship. Don't worry everyone will get there Happy Ending!! Trust me!!!

Enjoy the rollercoaster ride of emotions to get there!!! *winks* Oh, and the smut is really good!! *passes out sham wows* you will need them for hot, sexy, dominate vampire Jasper *fans self*

Because of this trilogy and my love for Steph's writing I wanted more, now I read Jasper/Bella more then any other pairing.

She also has a work in progress thats a Jasper/ Bella AH

Eighteen yr old Bella falls for the charming and sophisticated 23 yr old Jasper. He's every woman's fantasy, but what happens when he goes back to Yale for an internship, leaving Bella with an everlasting gift? Will she tell him her secret? AH/AU

This story owns me and its only in chapter 5. Bella life takes an unexpected turn. How she deals with it will change her life and the lives of others.

This story for me at least takes me back to high school and lets you relive all the feelings of being in love for the first time. the first date -the first kiss - the first time you had... sex..

She also has several one shots! She even has an Edward/Bella one.

My interpretation of what happened that first night on Isle Esme. One Shot.

This one shot is an mature look at Edward and Bella's honeymoon!!! So she DIDN"T fade to black. LOL- WOOT!!!!
yes I'm a slOOr (smut hoor)

I will be back next Friday with more Fic recs - Remember to show an author some love by reviewing as you read,it's your gift to them!!!

Till next time - Happy Reading!!

~Lady Tazz

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hey you... Yea you... Do you like reading the likes of Master of the Universe or University of Edward Masen or Clipped Wings and Inked Armor? Well those are a few of my favorites and trust me when I say there are more, ALOT MORE!!! 

Every Friday I have invited a close friend and fellow blogger to list some stories and one shots for us. Her name is Lady Tazz and she runs the blog site, Tazz's Obsession. She is a fan fic author and reads fiction as well. 

Please welcome her into my little family here and come back and visit thy blog on Fridays and pick up a new story to start obsessing over!!! 

Pre order your Eclipse DVD or not?

As we already know, Eclipse will be released on December 4, here in the US. This date is far from my early predication which had the DVD being released in October, the 30th to be exact. 

Starting yesterday, Wednesday September 15, you can pre order your copy from Amazon. 

I for one, will not pre order, as I have heard horror stories about shipping problems and wrong items and stuff. I will march my happy little butt over to Walmart or Borders on St. Charles Ave. again and pickup my copy at midnight and watch it with my kids again! 

So, if you want to wait until the following Monday to get your long awaited Eclipse DVD, you can pre order here at Amazon's website. 

Is it December 4th yet?????

Monday, September 13, 2010

Laughing Twi Girl gets a SHOUTOUT!!!!!

 I blog because I have soooooooooooooooooooo much to say! I blog because I am witty and insane! I blog because I want you to stay as informed as I am! 

And because I blog and so many peeps read my blog ( which I am enterally grateful!) I recently won my first ever award! And in doing so I gave the award out to some of my favorite blogs that I like to read! 

The first one that I ever joined up to follow was My Brand of Heroin by Twilight Complex (twitter name). And since doing that, she has given me the next best thing, a SHOUTOUT on her blog!!! 

So, I ask all my 49 followers to follow My Brand of Heroin and @twilightcomplex for me!!!

check out the shout out here:

Bella's Birthday in Houston TX

So today is Bella's official birthday! Happy Birthday Bella! And what do most of us do to celebrate? We get with our girlfriends and party like it's 1999... or at least that's what I did this weekend!!!!!!! 

You see, I have some friends that I met online through a Twilight website, don't we all! And earlier this year, I met all of them at the Twilight Convention in April. We have all become great friends and they invited me to spend the weekend and celebrate Bella's Birthday in Houston Texas. 

(and of course, I leave and Rob hits New Orleans... where's the irony in that?)

Any hoo, I flew this time, flight is only 45 minutes, compared to a 7 hour drive, and stayed with Anna. When I got there we headed straight to the movies and watched ECLIPSE in honor of Bella's Birthday!! (my 6th time and her 3rd time). Another friend, Holly, joined us then we went to a bar for a few drinks and FREE JELLO SHOTS!!! Never, ever, pass up FREE JELLO SHOTS! LOL

On Saturday, I spent the day with Anna and her sister and husband. I had to rub a little LSU Tiger in there, as her sister's husband is a huge Ohio State fan and we beat them to win a National Championship in the Dome, hee hee hee hee. After breakfast and some beauty tips, we headed back to get ready for dinner and karaoke with the ladies!!! While hanging out, I read three fan fiction updates of my favorite stories (plugging begins now,LOL) MotU, University of Edward Masen and Bella Voce! 

At dinner, we also exchanged gifts! I stole an Edward night light, see below:
Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!! Well, I was only allowed two seconds before Holly STOLE IT FROM ME!!!!!!!!

Then I had to pick another present and got an Edward coffee mug and by the way, we had coffee together this morning!!!! But wait, there's more... my hostee with the mostee got a life size poster of you know who!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

It's all good! Now she has to find where to put it and I don't! LOL

Anyhoo, we headed out into the city of Houston to do a little (alot on my part) drinking and a whole lot of singing!! Karaoke was fun, I did not sing, I was the back up dancer! I think, I've been told, that I dance with my friend's sister's husband? Oops... There's the New Orleans in me! LMAO

The night ended and I said good bye to my ladies with hopes of their travels to New Orleans soon for Breaking Dawn production this fall.
But not before I molested pocket Edward a few too many times! 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day Four of Magnet GIVE AWAY!!!!

FINAL DAY OF GIVE AWAY and this one is for all you Team Jacob peeps!

Congrats to Stephanie, she won yesterday's Edward Magnet!! Congrats!

Okay... Today is sooooooooooooooooooooo busy for me that the rules have changed BIG TIME!!!!

1. U must be following thy blog.
2. U must watch the Vampire D's tonight.
3. Answer the following trivia question in the comment below.
4. Cheer on the New Orleans Saints as we open our season tonight! Farve on the Ground! Who Dat! We Dat! Two Dat!
5. No need for bail money or oxygen tanks today... tall, slim, beraded British dude not here yet.
6. No Bonus points today... I don't have anything that comes to mind! 

In the book Eclipse, Bella calls someone a "Witch", who is she?

Good luck! Remember, contest opened worldwide and until 9pm central time!! Have fun!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eclipse for Christmas!!!

As most of you know... Save the date is here again!!! 

ECLIPSE will be released to DVD on DECEMBER 4, 2010 at midnight!! In keeping with a non release date, Summpid chose another Saturday release for midnight parties and stuff! 

Let's just hope they are smart and not send the cast any where far off since they will be filming during this time... OH wait I have a BRILLIANT idea... Send them all over Louisiana THIS TIME!!!!!

Any hoo... Check out the latest deets about Eclipse coming to dvd here:

In Other Important News....

Wow, this week has definitely been a big one!  

To start: Daddy Cullen himself tweeted about wardrobe fittings for production!! This just makes it more surreal, doesn't it?

Then word came around that all of production will take place in Baton Rouge, including the final "battle scene". Vancouver will still be used but only for rough outside shots. Now some are concerned with this "battle scene" but I think it's a good thing. (pun intended) I mean, when you get to the final few chapters, it's dull. We need some excitement towards the end.  For one, I can't wait to see what GCI peeps do with Bella's shield!! 

Also, over on Ebay, there is currently a charity auction going on for StandUp2Cancer! They are auctioning off for an official and legal (as they put it) visit to the Breaking Dawn set in Vancouver for two! To bad they couldn't do that for here, I would so be on the next street corner with the highest traffic! LOL

And then, the BIGGEST news of all was of course a sighting of Robert Pattinson and company. Apparently, he is on a ROAD TRIP and passed through Lubbock, Texas the other night. No word on his whereabouts today or where exactly he's headed, but with KStew here in New Orleans, that's where my money is. Besides, they will all be in Baton Rouge shortly and New Orleans is just a hop skip and a jump! 

Okay, a little BIG news as well, Summpid is re releasing Eclipse back into theaters this Friday nationwide in honor of Bella's Birthday this Monday, September 13th! I am totally stoked and can't wait to see it on the Big Screen just one more time. I really don't care spending anther $5 on it!! 

So, there you have it! All the news wrapped up into one! All my sources are on Tweeter and I totally forgot to write them all down! Kudos peeps!


Day Three of Magnet GIVE AWAY!!!!

Ready for Day Three of GIVE AWAY????

Wanna give a shout out to Talie who won yesterdays magnet!!! Congrats!! Check your email!!

So today is for all you Team Edward fans... Edward Magnet is up for grabs!!!

The rules are simple:

1. U must be following thy blog!
2. Find your nearest theater Friday night and enjoy Eclipse again in honor of Bella's Birthday!
3. Answer the trivia question in the comment section of this post.
4. Send bail money and an oxygen tank or two, in care of the French Quarter for Thursday... Just in case a tall, slim, bearded British dude is located?
5. Commit me to an insane colony.
6. Extra, Extra bonus points if you read my first ever one shot! (shameless exposure) 

Now once you have completed 2 of the above rules, take a stab at the following question: 

In the movie, New Moon, Victoria is being chased by Jacob and company through the forest, What animal flies over head during the scene?

OOOOOO, this is a hard one!! But believe it or not, this is a question off of the New Moon game app I have on my phone! 

Good Luck! GIVE AWAY is opened worldwide and ends at 9pm central time!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day Two of the Magnet GIVE AWAY!!

Before I start, I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to MGroover who was the winner of yesterday's magnet!!! Congrats!

Day Two of GIVE AWAY starts NOW!!!!

Are ya ready???

Some rules have changed, so pay close attention:

1. U must be following thy blog
2. U must stand at attention and rub your belly while patting your head
3. Answer the trivia question in the comment section of this post
4. Sing the alphabet backwards... Z,Y,X...
5. Commit me to an insane colony
6. Extra Bonus points if u think I'm nuts

Once you have covered 2 of the above rules, u may answer the following question:

In the "book" Breaking Dawn, it holds one of my favorite set of lines! Complete the following"

Jacob: "What are you waiting for?"
Edward: "Take the ______."
Jacob: "_______ it out the __________."

Now u really have to do your homework for this one! Have fun finding the quote!

This GIVE AWAY is opened worldwide and ends at 9pm central time! goooooooooooooooooooooo

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day One of the Magnet GIVE AWAY!

Here we gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Are you ready??????????????????????????

The rules are so simple it's ridiculous:

1. U must be following thy blog
2. U must stand on ur head and whistle Dixie
3. Answer the trivia question in the comment section of this post
4. Eat some peanut butter then whistle Dixie
5. Commit me to an insane colony
6. Bonus points if u think I'm nuts

Once you have covered 2 of the above rules, u may answer the following question:

In the movie "Twilight", during the baseball game, our three red eyed vamps want to join in the happy game, name the order in which their characters die!

GOOD LUCK! I will pull a lucky winner at 9pm central time and post on tweeter and back here on the blog! 


Pass the info along... These magnets are too cute!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thy Hand At Fan Fiction

HI!!! How are ya doing??? I have something very important to announce...

I wrote a little one shot and would like to share just a little of a sneak peak of it...

Why the hell Am I so freaking nervous about this????????????

Oh well.... here goes....

TEASER FOR O/S: Blueberries, Pineapples,
and Strawberries... Oh My!

“So, Bella,” Alice began, “what’s with this fruit salad?”

“Jeez, Alice,” I said, “it’s only fruit.”

“And what’s up with you, Alice?” Rose looked at her.

“She probably hasn’t had any in a while,” I giggled, Rose chimed in.

“Well it’s true,” she seem embarrassed. “Jasper’s been really busy lately. Sex is not high on our to-do list, unlike some people in this family.”

“Hmmm,” Rosalie commented. “Well, I owe my new sex life all to Bella and her little secret.”

“Secret?” Alice screeched. “What secret?”


Ring! Ring! Ring!

I heard it, but didn’t want to answer it. Edward was sprawled up against my back, holding me and moving his fingers slowly around my waist, while I lay on my side.

“Edward… you answer that,” I groaned.

He planted a kiss on my shoulder blade, “No.”

Ring! Ring! Ring!

“Seriously… answer it,” I whimpered at him.

This time he licked up to my ear and whispered, “No.”

Ring! Ring! Ring!

“Oh for Pete’s sake,” I started to roll over and he caught me. He pulled me on top of him and kissed me hard. He was hard, as well.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Well... there ya go... Want more??? Go and check it out on!!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Aren't these cute!!! I found them at a cafe next to our Barnes and Nobles Book Store in town the other day and thought... Now those would be cool to GIVE AWAY!!!!

Ya want em??? Since I have four of them, starting next week, September 6, Monday, I will give away 1 each a day.

What do you need to do?? Just come and follow me on thy blog! I am up to 39 followers and would like a few more as each and everyone that has followed me is amazing and I am so humbled that you chose to follow me and all my insanness that is called my LIFE!!!!! LOL

So this is how it will work, at the start of each day, I will post the magnet that is up for grabs, then I will ask a trivia question about it, comment your answer, then I will randomly chose the winner!!!

So, Good Luck and come follow me! You won't regret it!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What's with Baton Rouge all of a sudden??

So... Looks like Baton Rouge will become the mecca of Vampires this fall!!

Looking around on tweeter this morning... I found this lovely little tidbit about two "vampires" and just can't hold it in any more!!!

Stephen Moyer, who plays Vampire Bill, in HBO's hugely popular series True Blood will start production on a new movie "The Big Valley" in Baton Rouge this fall. According to my IMDb app, the cast is HUGE!! Richard Dreyfuss, Aidan Quinn, Jessica Lange, Lee Majors and Bruce Dern.... hmmmmm

Alexander Skarsgard, who plays Vampire Eric, in True Blood as well, will start production on "Battleship" based off of the game... You know the one... What's with the toys becoming movies?? Any hoo... Unfortunate, I see BOMB, written all over this movie with the likes of Rihanna, Taylor Kitsch and Tom Arnold listed as additional cast members....

And don't forget... Breaking Dawn starts production in the fall as well. Here are a couple of websites that have some information for ya, just in case you decide to visit my neck of the woods this fall! And yes, I finally found the sound stage in Baton Rouge and will take a little road trip to get comfortable with the area!! LOL

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kellan Lutz and the St. Bernard Project

As you know, Kellan Lutz has been a BIG SUPPORTER of the St. Bernard Project lately and now he tells us that he would like to get the "cast" involved while they film here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana beginning in November!

According to the Twilight Examiner: He told OK Magazine the following:
He told the publication that he hopes to bring the set to this work when possible. "It would be a great surprise for everyone" if he could get someone like Robert Pattinson to help, he said, "Although I would have to take video of Rob trying to hammer a nail, he might hurt himself

This is awesome news and makes me think!!!

Check out the rest of the article here:

Source: Twilight Examiner

Breaking Dawn Casting and other important news...

Hey there guys... Missed me?? Between RL and writing and RL and napping and RL and other stuff... I've been away too long... But then again, not much has been happening lately and since I refuse to post pap pics and other crap like that, I finally have some GREAT news to share...

For starters... Breaking Dawn casting alert!!! Looks like as we get closer to November we should be hearing alot of casting alerts as Summit looks to fill positions within other covens that are introduced towards the end of Breaking Dawn. And the first to be filled was the part of Benjamin by Rami Malek who can be seen in such films as Night at the Museum (parts 1 and 2) as Ahkmenrah and the TV series called the Pacific, which was an HBO project back in March of 2010.

If you are not familiar with Benjamin, he is part of the Egyptian Coven that consist of Amun and Kebi and Benjamin and Tia. Benjamin is the only member that has a "Super Power" in which he can control the elements.

Now, I am interested to see which other Covens we will meet? I am still interested to see how Rosenberg approaches the Denali Coven since no word has been mention of them in the 3 prior films. Mostly because Irina's the main "bullet" that sparks the final show down at the end of the book.

Any hoo... For all you Welcome to the Riley fans, the movie will open the New Orleans Film Festival October 14th. I for one can't wait to see this movie and be apart of the experience of a "small" premiere. trust me, I will have my phone ready!!!

Also, there have been some rumors about filming, final battle scene and Baton Rouge... I for one don't believe in RUMORS (u know that Fleetwood Mac song, LOL) and for someone to start one is dumb. THEY WILL NOT FILM ANY OUTSIDE WORK HERE IN BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA. Our outside CANNOT pass for Vancouver or the Pacific Northwest! So, if you continue to listen to that crap... You will be running about Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas like a chicken with your head cut off because that FINAL BATTLE SCENE WILL BE FILMED IN VANCOUVER, I GUARANTEE IT!!!!

That is all.... Have a GREAT DAY!!!