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Friday, July 30, 2010

Giveaway!! Giveaway!! Giveaway!!!

Hey you... Yea you... do you like giveaways??? Well I got one for you...

Come and check out a special Twilight giveaway on a fellow blogger site, Once upon a Twilight!!!

Check out the link below and enter to win an amazing piece of artwork!!!

Kellan Lutz and the St. Bernard Project

When Kellan Lutz aka Emmett Cullen, first join Twitter, my twitter page blew up with my friends screaming at me... "He's in your back yard!!"

I was like WHO? and they were all like KELLAN LUTZ!!! I was like okay...

So I journeyed over to Twitter to stalk out Lutz and lo and behold, he did join Twitter!!!

But what impressed me the most was that his first tweet was about a service project he was working on, called the St. Bernard Project!!
He had been in town working on a movie and went and helped the St. Bernard Project build some homes in the still slowing rebuilding city of Chalmette, LA.

When Hurricane Katrnia hit in 2005, this community was shattered because of a water outlet called the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, or MR GO. As Katrina's storm surge was approaching, the water came in through the MRGO and flooded the entire area. Much like New Orleans, these homes in the Chalmette area had water to their roof tops. And for me personally, I knew a few people who I worked with and were friends with, that lost EVERYTHING.

So, as this area slowly rebuilds, the St. Bernard Project, along with Habait for Humanity are rebuilding affordable homes for people to return to their roots and other family members that have return.

So yesterday, as I am researching for news, I spy this little post on about Lutz and the St. Bernard Project and then, while eating dinner out, there is a commerical on the TV about the St. Bernard Project!!! I'm telling ya it's fate that I can do this!!! LOL

So here is your chance to help out from the comforts of your own home and computer... Go and vote in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge today!!! Below is the details and how you can vote!!!

Our favorite charitable Cullen, Kellan Lutz, is asking for your help aiding the St. Bernard Project in winning $250,000 in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge! The St. Bernard Project has been working since 2006 to put families back in their homes after being displaced by Katrina, as well as provides vital mental health and wellness counseling for those affected by both Katrina and the devastating oil spill this is a cause near and dear to Kellan’s heart- his first ever Tweet was about SBP and first Twitpic was wearing a St. Bernard Project shirt. He just Tweeted today about SBP and all the good work we are doing with Pepsi Refresh! With your votes – and your support – we can make a real difference for the Greater New Orleans Area. Here’s how! Go to and VOTE ONCE EVERY DAY BETWEEN AUGUST 2ND AND AUGUST 31ST! By taking just a few moments out of your day to vote, you can help New Orleans residents faster than you can say Renesmee.

And if this is still not enough for ya, call the St. Bernard Project and take a weekend to paint, hammer, clean or anything else you may love to do and work side by side with some amazing people who lived through Hurricane Katrina.

Souce: Via

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Water For Elephants...Release Date???

So, Water For Elephants, which stars the one and only Robert Pattinson, just wrapped up filming in the hills of Los Angeles.

But it's not over just yet!!! Now production is moving to a little town in Georgia and sources say that Pattinson will be around to film some scenes!!!

And now, we have a release date for the movie as well... Get out those 2011 calendars and mark yet another movie down...

Water For Elephants will be released nationwide April 15, 2011!!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here I am...

As most of you guys know, I recently accepted a blogger position with Lisa, who runs Dr. Cullen's Love Shack. This is an amazing feet for me as I get to do what I love best... sit on the internet all day and report about the Cullen Men!!! Who could ask for anything better?? LOL

So, please come and join me on the Love Shack and welcome our seven new bloggers!!!

Breaking Dawn in Louisiana???

Yep... I was doubtful when the rumor mill was working earlier this year but yet again I have been proven wrong!

According to a Summit press release, Breaking Dawn, parts 1 and 2, will be filmed here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They will shoot the interior shots here and then return to Vancouver for the exterior shots!

I know this is old news... But lately I've been having trouble with internet and lappy's dying left and right on me...

So let me bask in this glory that RPatzz and KStew will be closer to me for a change for a couple of months!!! LOL

Via: The Advocate (Baton Rouge Newspaper)

Breaking Dawn Quiz from the Reelz Channel

Well, the Reelz Channel has done it again... they have a quiz for Breaking Dawn to test that Twinowledge of yours... Check it out!!!!

When it comes to Breaking Dawn, is your knowledge as rusty as Bella's truck or as solid as a Mercedes Guardian? Find out just how well you know the fourth and final installment of the Twilight Saga with this quiz.


MOTU outtake

For all you Fifty and MotU lovers... There's an outtake posted to Icy's blog... check it out... Enjoy!!!

Vampire D's Bloopers!!!

Now this is what I'm talking about...BLOOPERS!!!!

Still don't understand why we don't have bloopers for Twilight or New Moon!!!

Anyhoo... catch a little sneak at the Vamp D's gag reel and see the real thing on August 31 when the DVD of the 1st season is released to Blu Ray and regular DVD!!!

Moviefone’s Best of Twilight Unscripted

Found this little gem today and couldn't wait to post it!!

Moviefone generally features the funniest interviews with hollywood stars. Every time the Twilight cast are interview for UnSpcripted, it makes for a very fun 5 minutes...

And YES it does... In this video, the cast interviews each other... Rob talks about his scariest moment in Twilight, Taylor answers that important question "imprint or not" and Kellan scares Nikki and Ashley and jumps around on his chair. Oh and Michael Sheen is just amazingly brillant!!!

Take a look and let me know what ya think... I couldn't stop from laughing!!!

Video: Moviefone’s ‘Best of Twilight Unscripted

Via: Moviefone


Hey there everyone... I'm on for a bit... lappy problems are still on going but I couldn't hold this in any longer....


I have accepted a blogger position with Dr. Cullen's Love Shack!!!!!

Don't worry, LaughingTwiGirl is still my baby and I will continue to post my obsession and family stories and stuff here as often as I post there!

So, come follow me here and there and every where!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010


OMG!!!!! I had a fan moment on tweeter this morning...

American Idol is in town today for auditions for next season and I was laughing, of course, on how HOT it is today in the New Orleans area...

I tweeted the following: "Wonder how those American Idol hopefuls r doing in this New Orleans heat??? @RyanSeacrest

And guesssssss whattttttttttt:
Ryan Seacrest: We moved them into the arena! RT @LaughingTwiGirl: Wonder how those American Idol hopefuls r doing in this New Orleans heat??? @RyanSeacrest

Major Fan Girl happiness going on here.... I love it!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

This is too Funny!!!

Some one has alot of time on their hands.... Take a look at Eclipse in Fifteen Minutes!!!

Thanks Lady Tazz for finding this GEM!!!!

A Pickup for a Sucky Day???

Found this on Tweeter... AND it's Hot!!!

If ya need a pickup for the day and some Rob Porn... Just come back!!!


Muse: Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)

I went You Tubing the other day and found this little Gem!!!


Metric Eclipse (All Yours)

Found the Metric video for Eclipse (All Yours).

I love this song and video, because we still get some movie clips with it!!!


What the Buck? Reviews Eclipse

This is priceless!! I suggest you watch without kiddies around so you can laugh your ass off!!!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lappy Problems still...


The good news? I have my hubby's laptop

The bad news? I broke the internet connection on his laptop

The good news? It still has another USB port

The bad news? I have to disconnect the power supply in order to use it

The good news? I posted this...


Friday, July 16, 2010

Laptop ...

So, I am borrowing my hubby's laptop for the weekend... So I am back... For now...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey, guys... For the next few days I will not have a laptop or a way to get into the blog... My lappy took it's last breathe yesterday evening when the baby pulled it down and the screen is totally messed up...

So, I am currently looking for a new lappy and hopefully I won't be gone too long...

* starts to cries *

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Eclipse Movie Review

So, saw it at midnight, then went back that Saturday and saw it in IMAX.

So here's my review.... Go see it in IMAX!!!!

LMAO.... okay, okay.... here goes!

Liked how it started, with Riley and all. Loved the first Meadow Scene, Edward was all frisky! But I also noticed something both times, the movie clips quickly until the final showdown. I thought it was just me at midnight, but when I saw it again Saturday, it still did the same but slower.

I never thought of Eclipse as "The Dark Book", so I was worried when Slade was picked as Director but let me just say... HE DID AN AMAZING JOB WITH ECLIPSE!!!!

The wolves looked more animal like, thinner, but still kept their colors. The Cullens, the Newborns, Riley and Jane and company looked amazing. There was still some makeup problems, with Rosalie and What the hell is up with Jasper's freaking HAIR!!!!!

I loved Rosalie's flashback and Jasper's as well. I thought it was a nice touch to add, for those who have never read the book. Gives you an idea of their characters and how "they came to be"! However, as my sister pointed out, in the book, Rosalie comes to Bella, not Bella coming to Rosalie. I think Rosenberg should have kept true to the book here, as it sets up certain scenes in Breaking Dawn.

I was a little upset about the "Switzerland" speech. It's not that I wanted it word for word, but I think with Bella just blurting out "I'm Switzerland" was point less. Again, if you didn't read the books you were lost here.

Loved the Cullens and wolves chasing Victoria. I loved how Emmett got pissed when she blew him off and when he and Paul stared each other down!

Graduation scene was okay but let me get this straight -

Alice and Edward have the same last name, right? Cullen and Jasper's supposed twin is Rosalie and their last name is Hale.... So, Alice and Edward should have sat together and if you read the books.... Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett graduated in New Moon. Made ya think???

So, I have saved the best for last, Tent, Leg Hitch and fighting scenes.

The "Leg Hitch/Proposal" went by way too damn fast. But it was EPIC!

The "Tent Scene", which I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat, was okay... I don't know, there was something missing. I also was excepting to see Jacob get thrown across the tent as well. I think that that would have made that scene better than the Proposal!!!

The fighting was speculator! I love watching the Cullen's rip people apart. Jasper was all over Alice, trying to protect her, but she held her own. The wolves coming in was awesome!

Now, Edward and Victoria's fight was a little staged, I found. Plus, Bella spends the entire time up against the wall of rock with Seth and Riley to one side and Edward and Victoria to the other, in the book. Edward would have NEVER pulled her along for that ride. His job is to protect her, not put her in harms way.

Now onto the music. The Soundtrack has some amazing artist on it but one particular song didn't make the movie, which by the way surprised the hell out of me. The Florence + The Machine song was used during the credits. I really had hoped that they would have used it when Jacob was carrying her to the "camping site".

The Sia song, My Love, was used in the most beautiful scene, the "Leg Hitch/Proposal". I had wrote that down a long time ago and that would make more sense since it's a love song! Gives me chills every time I listen to it!!!

As for the score, not that impressed. I have heard some of Shore's scores before. (I own the LOTR's scores). But something was missing. The pieces are toooooo short and very choppy. Nothing like New Moon's score, which for me, is still one of the best one! However, after downloading it and listening to it Tuesday morning, I started on the bonus tracks first, "Wedding Plans" and I cried. That is the ending song of the movie. So, as it played out on the BIG Screen, I cried like a big ole baby!!!

In all, the anticipation was well worth it. Loved that I got more Edward in this one. Slade did a marvelous job and should be proud of his work!!

My Eclipse Movie Experience

So, Tuesday June 29th, started off just like any other day for me. I got up at the ass crack of dawn to clean, got the babies off to daycare, went to Barnes and Nobles to pick up three production books and another copy of Eclipse for a book project, then to Micheal's for some supplies for said book.

Then I returned home to find Remember Me on, I had two extra girls with me that day, and OF COURSE I watched it... Wall Sex.... hmmmm....

Anyhoo, we left around 1:30 to head out to Elmwood to see what kind of line there was. We decided, based off our experience last year, that the TRIPLE FEATURE was the best way to go. We arrived around 2:45pm but had to wait about 15 minutes because it was raining Zebra's and Goats!!!

The line wasn't long, so we sat and waited. The girls, including my daughter, went into the theater's game room and didn't bother me one bit! They finally moved us around 5pm into our theater and we got these really cool looking laynards with a $10 concession card!!

So Twilight started at 6:30pm, the same time Nancy's flight landed. She arrived around 7 ish and finished Twilight with us. New Moon started on time, at 9pm, I missed most of it, but did get back when Bella saved Edward... Best Damn Part!! LOL

So, I stepped out in between our 45 minute break before Eclipse started. Now, the theater that we were at holds 20 screens, one of those being an IMAX screen. And yes, they did offer that zany 3 am IMAX screening Wednesday morning!!! All screens were sold out and even at 11;30, there were still people trying to get in, the line wrapped around the building!!

Eclipse starts about 20 minutes after midnight, because of previews, and I did not leave my seat!!! I was memorized the entire time!!! I laughed. I cried. I clapped when Edward put the ring on. I yelled when Jacob showed up with out his shirt on! (I am Team Edward, until... Jacob takes his shirt off!) And yes, I was the one singing the Metric and Florence + The Machine song as the credits rolled!!!

Then I went home and took a "nap" and started to plan Nancy's vacation!!!

Well there you go... Next... MOVIE REVIEW!!!

Eclipse Movie Reviews

As a "Special 100 Blog Post" I wanted your reviews for Eclipse!!!

Even through I only got a few, I am very, very, very, honored that you have sent them in!!

So with out further ado.... Here are some reviews from my Tweeter Friends!!!

@lluveamc4ever :

.... " Amazing. I loved all of it. The Rosalie flashback was awesome. And the Jasper one. And when Jasper and Alice kissed, I was like that's hot. And the bed room scene with Edward and Bella was amazing. ... The fight scenes were awesome. I loved the action. ... The tent scene was awesome but should have had the part when Jacob rolled onto Bella and Edward and Jacob almost got into a fight. It would have been epic. The movie was amazing and I will be going to see it again."


I will say I enjoyed Eclipse much more the second time around. I wish we didn't have to wait so long for Breaking Dawn. Here were my random thoughts while watching.

1. Shouldn't Angela have been the valedictorian instead of Jessica? I mean Jessica is cool and all but she doesn't strike me as the brightest crayon in the box, I'm just saying.

2. Why was Jasper sitting next to Alice during the graduation ceremony? If he and Rosalie are supposed to be twins and their last name is Hale, then shouldn't they be sitting next to each other? (Oh snap wait a second they lightbulb just went off in my head, Rosalie had already graduated, duh! Lmao) Anways Jasper should have been sitting with the H names.

3. Speaking of Rosalie, I would have went vampire viscous on Royce King's ass too if that happened to me.

4. Bree, damn girl your vampire life sucked. *shakes head*

5. Where is the world's biggest bottle of ketchup? I'll have to Google it later.

6. The look on Jasper's face when he says, "Never turn your back on your opponent" was hilarious.

7. I don't know what it is, but Billy Black is the man. He has like wheelchair swagger or something.


I loved the back stories and was so glad they were included in the movie, but I felt they were cut short. Granted everything can't be included in the movie but still I felt the stories were essential to understanding the movie and book more. Hopefully they will be extended scenes on the dvd.

I wanted to see more of Bella with her human friends. It was like blink and you miss them. Speaking of the human friends, Eric what was up with that hair of yours?

How was Bree able to stand that close to Bella in the clearing? In the book someone has to stand between the two and she was on the ground in agony cause of her thirst. I just would have thought that point would have been clearer in the movie.


The Cullens were back in this movie. Don't get me wrong I love the wolf pack (Not Jacob necessarily) but the Cullens are my homies. They kicked major ass in this movie. I was watching the fights and thinking oh snap I'm totally gonna take Tae Kwon Do so I can do that shiz. Is it Tae Kwon do or something else? Does it really matter cause they still owned that movie.

Julia Jones was the perfect Leah, she definitely has the attitude.

The wolves looked much better in this movie.

The bad vamps looked awesome, too bad they didn't last long. I definitely had a different perspective of them after reading Bree Tanner.

Thanks for all who participated! I really loved the support!!!

So, there ya go.... Now onto to MINE!!!! LOL

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome to the Rileys - Trailer

So Now I have another movie to add to my list of "MUST SEE" releases!!!

Today on Yahoo! Movies, they released a trailer for Kristen Stewart's new movie "Welcome to the Rileys"!

After watching the trailer... I face palmed myself.... They were like EVERY WHERE IN NEW ORLEANS!!! URGH!!!!

Anyhoooooo.... Go watch the trailer and add this "Must See" movie to your list!!!

Eclipse Movie Records

WooHoo!!! We broke another record!!!

Our IMAX midnight sales were over $1 million, beating Transformers 2 record of $950,000 !!!!

I love those numbers!!

See full article here:

Via Twilight News Beat

Adventures with Nancy Pants

So, here I sit, in front of my lappy, feeling like I'm missing something???

Hmmm..... Wonder what that could be???

Ah, I KNOW! Nancy Pants!!!!!

The adventure began on Tuesday June 29th, the day Eclipse was released in theaters at midnight! We had talked at the beginning of the year about her coming down and visiting. And of course she agreed and I said what better way to visit then when Eclipse opened, so we can see it together!

From day one of planning, I let her know that we would do a Triple Feature if offered by the theater and of course, it was!! So I brought enough tickets for our group and counted down the days!!

The day has arrived and of course, her flight was delayed! As I waited for Twilight to start around 6:30pm, her flight was due to land. She showed up about 45 minutes into Twilight and the rest is history!!

I had many things planned for her visit! Alot of it was centered around Downtown New Orleans. We started out at Mardi Gras World by the convention center and she got to see how they build the floats for Mardi Gras and taste a little King Cake! Then we walked down towards the Quarter.

The next day, my sister and I, took her around the Quarter. Showed her the French Market, Decatur Street, the St. Louis Cathedral and even took her on a walking tour of St. Louis # 1 Cemetery!!! Because you do that here!!!! We also introduced her to Cafe Du Monde where they sell beignets and to a bar on St. Peters Street called "Yo Mama's", REMEMBER that name!!!

On Saturday, we went and saw Eclipse again, this time in IMAX!!! And met up with other Twilighters!!! Then me and my hubby, took her to an amazing institution called "Rock n Bowl" in Mid City!!! Kermit Ruffins was playing but we couldn't get a lane to bowl, so we sat back and people watched and drank!!! And got hit with Hula Hoops?

On July 4th, I had some friends and family stop by and we BBQ'ed for her and had an awesome drink provider!! Our own daiquiri machine to give us all the drinks in the world! We partied till MIDNIGHT and Nancy Pants finished off the machine!!

Monday we took her on a Swamp Tour in our own back yard! She fed some alligators and even held a baby one!

The following day, we took a rest and both got massages and visited an Southern Plantation! We also hit Bourbon Street that night as well!! We had a beautiful meal at Mureil's in Jackson Square! My best friend, along with her boyfriend and my hubby took Nancy Pants around Bourbon Street and found a bar called "TROPICAL ISLE" !!! We introduced her to the "HAND GENERADE" and lets just say, she really, really, really, REALLY enjoyed them!!!!

We bar hopped for a few and then settled in at "The Beach"! Normally they play club/dance music, but since it was a week night, there was a house band that covered songs! Anyhoo, we convinced her to "RIDE THE WHALE"! So, after she had 5 drinks, she hopped onto that whale (backwards at first, LOL) and hung on for dear life!!!

We survived the night and went back into the city the next day! We had beignets for the last time on her visit and took a carriage ride through the Quarter!! In between, Nancy Pants got a tattoo of her visit here!!!! What a way to remember a vacay!!!

Then today, we drove down St. Charles Ave to show her the mansions and stuff and then down Magazine Street! We went back into the Quarter for a few last minute items for her and ended up eating at "Court of Two Sisters" on Royal Street.

Let me just tell ya, I am stuffed while writing this! LOL

So there is the story of me showing Nancy Pants around the City of New Orleans! Now, my only hope is that she goes back to CANADA and tells her friends and family to come here and see the sights and eat our food!!!

Next up for me is a vacation in Arkansas visiting Becca! The whole family is going and I can't wait! I haven't seen her since the beginning of April!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Big Time on Tweeter ! LOL

I'm just so proud of myself.... But then again, this could be a dangerous thing, LOL

Check out this tweet I got from over the 4th of July weekend!!!!

@LaughingTwiGirl Wow! Just saw your blog. Big fan of Twilight, eh! =) Happy 4th to you!

Yes, I am very proud of myself... Getting my name out there!!!

Breaking Dawn in Louisiana?

500 and something days is a very, very, very long time...

Too darn long for me to wait around for Breaking Dawn!! I am going to go NUTS I tell ya!!

Breaking Dawn just happens to be my favorite book in the series, with Eclipse following closely behind.

So, with all the buzz after we got a director, a release date (November 18, 2011) and that the movie would be split into two, then came the rumors of production...

Rumors are spreading that Summit wants to film here in Louisiana, mostly because of tax credits the state gives to production companies for filming here.

Well, here ya go... Shreveport, Baton Rouge and New Orleans are in the running for Summit. It will suck if production happens in Shreveport, as it's too far for me, Baton Rouge is an hour away and New Orleans is just a hop skip and a jump for me!!!!!

I've included an article about all this.... My hopes are still set high for this to happen, but I am also very, very, very, doubtful it will....



Okay.... So I didn't hit "100" official blog post on here quite yet.... Didn't know that when you mark them a certain way for editing purposes, they count!!!! LOL

So, now I have six more to go till I hit "100" blog post.... So get ready for some post and the BIG ECLIPSE MOVIE REVIEW !!!!