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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well, yesterday, we had an exciting day in the Twi World!!

Lets see... Where do I began?

Kellan Lutz has officially joined Twitter and his following is around the 36,000 mark and counting!! He also tweeted yesterday that he was in St. Bernard Parish building houses with the St. Bernard Project. WooHoo, Twilight in NOLA!

Then we get some awesome news on the fourth and final installment of Stephanie Meyer's vampire series, Breaking Dawn. Summit released information that the production is a GO and that Bill Condon, known for "Dreamgirls" and "Gods and Monsters" will be directing the final film.

Unfortunate, they did not release if the movie would be broken down into 2 films or combined into 1! So... I feel that in order to capture the full potential of finishing this amazing story and capture the end, they need to split the film into 2 films. I hope Summit realizes this and that the fans, me included does not want this to end!!! LOL

I don't know much about Condon. I have seen "Dreamgirls". It's a musical based on the stage version. However, I have never seen "Gods and Monsters", so before I pass judgment on him, I guess a little trip to the video store is in my future, so I can get an idea if Condon is the "Right" director for Breaking Dawn?

And for the final bit of news... Billy Burke is also in the city... He tweeted out this morning that he had been busy all week here in New Orleans! Twilight has really invaded my beloved city!!

So with all this spinning in my head, I can only say, LET THE PARTY BEGAN!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Moon Countdown Chris's



That's me yelling!!! If you didn't hear me loud enough, let me try this again...


Don't feel any better though... I'm trying to change my blog and I can't.... guess I'll go and watch the Eclipse trailer yet again.....


Thank you, come back tomorrow... LOL

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reelz Channel... review of Eclipse trailer

This is one funny article. They broke the trailer down and analyzed it to a tee! I love it! Come by and read it! Do you agree?

Oprah's Twilight Show

If you were watching Oprah yesterday April the 23rd, which most of us were, she premiered the final trailer for Eclipse with the help of Dakota Fanning, who plays Jane, via satellite.

Then after the clip was shown and we Twi Hards regained ourselves, Oprah announced her Twilight Show. That's right, Twilight on Oprah... Happy Dance!!!!

So, ladies, set those DVR's for May 13th as Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Launter, Dakota Fanning and others will be chatting it up with Oprah as she invites the cast to the Twilight show!!!

By the way, the 13th is Pattinson's birthday but I believe she tapes her shows, so we will have to see if The Oprah Show does anything for him???


OME!!! What can I say??

I'm sure by now everyone has watched the trailer over a million times? No, well you should!

It's amazing, awesome, mind blogging piece of art work. It's hard to tell where the pieces go, so I give kudos to Summit for making us wait till June!

Still kinda disappointed about the Leg Hitch, saw a little tent in there, and truly wanted to be totally, totally, surprised with the ring. Yes, there I said it. I wanted to save the ring for the movie!

This coming from a girl who saw every single leaked footage from New Moon wanted to wait for the ring?? Jeez, I'm losing it!

So, if you haven't seen it yet or just want to watch it again and again and again... well here you go. And by the way, I posted both of them!

Have Fun!

Twilight Eclipse - Official Trailer [HD]

New Eclipse Trailer


Back on April 21st, David Slade tweeted about the score for Eclipse...

David_A_Slade: Howard Shore composer and conductor at Abbey Rd Studios with Orchestra.
Our sound score recording is complete. and there are no words to describe it. The film just got more exciting.

Now this gets me very excited, why? I am a score junkie. Which translate I LOVE movie scores. I have a huge collection of them and use them in my everyday life.

So to hear that the Eclipse score is complete is amazing. I am very interested to hear what Shore has the offer for the film, as each composer has brought a little of themselves to each score.

There is only a few pieces from the Twilight score that I like, but I can't put down the New Moon score!

So, the countdown for this begins for me, just wished I knew when...

via Tweeter

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

EclipseTrailer Heads to Oprah

iEclipse/i Trailer Heads to Oprah

I had to share this as I find the last paragraph soooooooooooooooo funny!

YES, I agree! A slumber bag and a tent would be sooooo nice to see this Friday!!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Eclipse soundtrack date release; June 8th

It's offical, the Eclipse movie soundtrack will be release June8th, a whole 22 days before the movie itself hits theaters at midnight!

So, any thoughts of WHO you would like to see on this soundtrack??

I for want, want to continue with Muse being a contributor. I wasn't to keen on the New Moon song, as I thought "Time is running out" from Absolution would have been better!! As for the best Eclipse song from Muse, I love Hysteria, again from Absolution, as this to me would fit perfectly in the big fight scene at the end, with Edward, Victoria, Riley and Seth!!

Again, Eclipse, movie soundtrack hits stores June 8th, visit to pre-order!

One can hope... Can't wait to see the replies!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Twilight Convention

Just some random pictures from the Twilight Convention last weekend!!!


That's right, this Friday, April 23rd there's a new trailer coming for Eclipse! Happy Dance?!

Well I'm a bit concern as all the gossip is that it's the "FINAL" trailer. What does that mean? And they are re shooting certain scenes?

Why is it that we only get two trailers? For New Moon, we had three, count em three. Crap, I even took my kid to see Band Slam in order to see the trailer on the BIG Screen!

I'm not totally impressed with the trailer that's out now, why, there's no action, wolves, kissing, touching... I could go on but I'm not. So it seems, just another ploy on Summpid part to make us wait!

So, what do I wish for in this new trailer? A tent, some wolves, like Seth and Leah, a lot of action, would love to see me some Victoria and Edward fighting!! Maybe a little Graduation partying, a tent, a leg hitch, the Cullens, wolves, okay, okay... I'll stop there because honestly I want this movie and I want it now!

Enjoy this Friday, ladies and gents! It will be a big day in the Twi World!!

At a lost of words...

I really, really need to work on this page... it's so BLAH.

Well, I could have yesterday but I was stuck on my laptop allllllll day reading this awesome, amazing, nail bitter of a fan fiction!

That's right, I have read alllllll 81 chapters of Master of the Universe on Twilighted!! And I must say, WOW!! Loved it!

SO, since I did that allllllllllll day yesterday, I finally folded all five baskets of clothes and is trying to pickup the house so I can write those bedtime stories for the ladies later!

Have a happy weekend!

Twilight Convention

Awesome video of Mike Welch and Joey singing "Bad Romance" from the Houston Twilight Convention! Go Team Joey. Welch is a nut case! He was very, very entertaining during karaoke and his Q & A's!!


Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm telling ya, this blog is everything about me all wrapped up into one!

AnyHoo... I have house work today, what's new. At least I started the dishwasher before I left this morning. One thing down, a million to go...

I also have to work on this blog, check my email, compare laptops, tweet, chat, face book, write smut... I think that might be it... For now at least

Holler at you guys later...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Still trying to work on this blog... It's so BLAH....

Twilight in Forks!

A Documentary about the little town made famous by one little movie, Twilight.

Interviews range from town folk, to fans, to websites, to the Chief of Police. They even make it over to La Push!

I watched this today as I forgot to buy it when New Moon came out. I laughed as I related to most of what the fans and websites had to say. The town is very welcoming of the fan base that this series has bought along.

In one given year, 18,000 people pass through the Visitor Center, and not just from the states, other countries have visited as well.

They gave you a look into the town itself, the people and places. It was picturesque and absoutley beatuiful. They spoke with Quileute people and explained a little bit about the wolves and tribe that still live there.

As a fan of the series, I highly suggest this DVD. It is a must have for all Twilight fans, young and old!

A trip to Forks wouldn't be bad either...

Thanks to for the picture!

Lookie what I found! I love this, better than the so called movie poster!!

Thanks to the TwilightNewsMan!

Shoe Shopping with the Hubby

Haa, Haa, Haa,

When one hears of a husband and wife shopping together it usually contains things for the house. Like a new washer/dryer, television set, DVD player and so on.

Not with my family... We shoe shop together!
So, after my doctor appt got canceled, I decided to run into town and pickup my copy of Twilight in Forks, review will be posted later! I also walked out with four new CD's too!!

Anyhoo, the hubby calls after I got my wedding bands cleaned (free of charge too) and wanted to go to lunch, so off I went. The place we ate at is in the mall and the hubby wanted to look for some new shoes for work. The problem with that is he is too darn picky. They have to be solid brown with a smooth front. Whatever! So I ended up buying a cute little bag on sale and we left. As we walked back through the mall, he noticed another shoe store, I moaned and he started to walk forward again.

I grabbed his arm and told him to check it out, it's a discount store so they would be way cheaper than Sears!! He rolled his eyes at me and said, "No, you saw $9.99 shoes." Of course, what woman passes up $10 flip flops???

So we are looking for solid brown with a smooth front shoe for him. I asked, "What size," he answered, "Whatever size you like it to be." Yep, that's the hubby, forever stuck in a 17 yr old boys body!! I rolled my eyes at him, then went off to find the $1o flip flops. Next thing I hear is a crash and him laughing. "Jeez, I can't leave you alone for 2 seconds without you destroying the store." He laughs as he tries on a pair of solid brown smooth front shoes.
"Does it fit," I asked, "You tell me, *wink, wink*" I replied, "I can't bring you any where any more."

So the pair fit and we buy them and leave. He walks me to the truck and I bring home the shoes for him. But I did find a really cool ass hat.....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Design, Design, Design

So, two post and a pic of a pic... I'm new to all this, so tomorrow after my HIP appt. I'm going to work on the design of my blog!

Nighty, Night my fellow Twi Hards!

Twilight Convention

Someone said I need to blog something so she could read it.... well here ya go...

Auction story!!!

Saturday April 10th, was just your average day at Twilight Convention in Houston Texas. We met Gil Birmingham, that's another story in itself... Anyway, then Charlie Bewley and Christopher Heyerdahl. They were funny together! Charlie did his impression of Patrick Swayze and jumped off the stage, then sat right across from my sister! Then Kiowa Gordon, he looked a little bored, but then howled and it was all good.

So late in the afternoon, me and my sis wandered back into the hall so we didn't miss Mike Welch. Unknowingly, they were setting up for the Auction. To the right of the stage they had HUGE banners laid out. I looked around and found one from New Moon of Mr. Robert Pattinson, going shirtless in New Moon. I said to myself, "Momma is going home with you tonight!" I went back to my seat and quickly counted my money, $170 in cash, that's all I had left.

So the Auction begins, little things here and there, going for no more than $150. So they began to bring on the banners, and yep Edward is next. They start the bidding at $10, yes $10! I threw my hands up and my pocket Edward went flying towards my sister. A few peeps bid against me and before I knew it, I was in the $200 range! Well, Im jumping and waving and jumping and waving, even the peeps on the stage were getting into it! The dude even told me "You really don't need to do that!" Jeez Dude, That's like the ROB!!!!

Anyhoo, now it's down to me and another lady sitting in the front row to the right of me. I get to $300 and she $310 me back, my sister kicks me and says "Stop", I sat down and took one look at the banner and yelled "I love you Rob!" The entire hall was laughing at me. Didn't win that one. But I got the lady to pay $310 for it! *winks*

So, a few pieces down, the picture comes up. The dude starts explaining how they come by the autograph photos of the stars and that they touch and hold and sign all photos themselves! So, he holds up the pic and it's MINE!!! Again, he starts the bidding at $10 and notices that I jump right up from my seat. "Oh boy," He said, "The jumper is back!" After going back and forth, jumping up and down, a lady in the front of me, who just happened to be in our group, had been bidding against me this entire time! I didn't care, I wanted that PICTURE!

So the bid is $200 to me, of course I jumped out of my seat! $210 to her, she back down!!!


Well there you go, I would do anything for a picture...


I did it!!!! I set up a Blog! Doing the Happy Dance!LOL