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Friday, May 21, 2010


VENT... VENT... VENT... What should I vent today about... Ahhh, gotta it...

Clothes and Kids...

So, I have four children. Ages 12, 10, 4, and 2. I don't expect much from the bottom two, as I call them, but my older two, I expect alot. I am a stay at home mom. I clean practically every day and doing laundry is a big headache in my household.

When the older two get home, they think they need to put on another set of clothing just to play and finish out the day. They do wear uniforms to school but it's not the kind that a private school would wear. It's simple khaki shorts with red collar shirt. I don't spend alot on school uniforms.

But it never fails, they come home and throw something else on and it annoys me to no end. Then, when they take their baths for the evening, they leave everything in their bathroom... URGH!!! I keep explaining to them that I am not a slave and I don't really enjoying doing their laundry at all.

All I ask is that they pick up behind themselves after their baths and keep that bathroom cleaned as all four kids use it.

See, this is VENTING FRIDAY, where I pick a subject and vent about it... LOL
Really wish the cleaning fairy would come to my house today... oh well, off to read some more...


  1. Cleaning Fairy??? I need one of those! if you find one CHEAP let me know!

  2. Just get your two older ones to do their own laundry! I have my kids who are 10 & 7 do their own laundry! If they want clean clothes, they do their own! I do help the 7 yr old as I don't want her falling into the washer as I still have a top loader! Just a thought to help you out with all the laundry :)

  3. I think the older two are ready to learn to do their own laundry. It'll raise your laundry usage, but it's good to start now...ANd while you're at it, it's time that they started doing some other tasks around the house....IMHO