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Sunday, May 2, 2010


So yesterday, May 1st was Jazz Fest for me, the hubby, thy neighbor and my best friend with her new man. We went to see Pearl Jam who closed out the Saturday festivities on the Acura Stage!

Me, the hubby and thy neighbor, who works for Shell/Motiva one of the sponsors for Jazz Fest, got our tickets for us. I love you Marcus!!!

We left early, or so we thought, and headed down to the fairgrounds. We decided to park near the site this year only because last year we waited for almost an hour for our shuttle bus to pick us up! We paid $20 bucks to park in a school parking lot, benefits the school, and walk about five blocks towards the fair grounds.

We entered the gates at 11:30am and quickly, very quickly walked towards the main stage to grab our spots. Here in New Orleans, Jazz Fest is rain or shine, and it didn't look pretty allllllll day....

So we found our spot, way, way, way, way, back from the stage but in front of the BIG ASS SCREEN!! We threw our $5.00 Dollar General blanket down and put our three chairs on top and went looking for BEER AND FOOD!!

And boy did we eat.... That's what you do at Jazz Fest... EAT, DRINK, PEE, REPEAT...

As the day progressed, the crowd thickened... By 4pm, you started to feel the body heat and your cell phone had no service because of the crowd!!!

And then the time came.... Pearl Jam took the stage at 4:50!! The crowd erupted in cheers and the die hards, like my self, couldn't sit still! They played a mixture of old and new, most notably... Alive, Evenflow and Why Go, some Better Man and Daughter, with a little Given to Fly and Do the Evolution. And a new single, The Fixer!

Pearl Jam never disappoints me... This will be the sixth time I have seen them live and love every minute of it! As always, Vedder thanked the faithful who follow the band, joked about the time he spent the night in a New Orleans jail cell and spoke about the oil spill we are dealing with right now.

He asked that the BP exces "...send their sons and daughters to the gulf coast to clean up their mess...".

He also gave a special shout out to the troops over seas in Iraq, who were watching them live, via feed from Jazz Fest!

So our time and year had come to a close for us, but it was way too early to go home!!! So we headed to the French Quarter and Bourbon Street until midnight to finish our amazing day!!

Jazz Fest 2010 was amazing, can't wait to see what they have in store for NEXT YEAR!!!

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  1. Sounds awesome! everything here in Houston is so boring!