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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I know... I know, it's Tuesday but I was out of the loop yesterday so I'm doing my Movie Monday today but don't worry, Twilight Tuesday is coming up also!!!

So another favorite movie of mine, still deals with vamps! Yep...

I fell in love with Interview with a Vampire (1994) the minute I saw it. Now, I too was on the band wagon about the Tom Cruise shit. I still to this day, think that another actor could have played Lestat better... It's just my opinion.

Anyhoo, this is also when I first fell head over heels with Brad Pitt. Not to mention that another heart throb of mine, Christan Slater, was in it too. YES, I'll admit it, I LOVE CHRISTAN SLATER!!! Heathers, Pump up the Volume, Mobsters? You get my point!!!

Back to Interview, as I like to call it. Neil Jordan took the helms of this awesome movie, based on the book by Anne Rice (she used to live in New Orleans, hence her always writing about vampires, LOL). Tom Cruise ( excuse me while I throw up my lunch) play the vampire Lestat. Joined by Brad Pitt as Louie, Kristen Dunst as Claudia, Stephan Rea as Santiago and Antonio Banderas as Armand.

As for the interviewer, this part was suppose to be originally played by River Phoenix. However, before filming began, he died and was replaced with Christan Slater at the last minute. As a salute to his friend, Slater donated his salary from the movie and royalties to Phonenix's favorite charities

The movie is just what the title is, an interview with a vampire. Pitt's Louis want's his life written for him as he has lived centuries. It starts in present day San Fransisco, with Slater interviewing Pitt's Louis. We learn about Lestat and the life they lived in the 1800 New Orleans. We also learn that even as a Vampire, you can still be pure and not have to hunt humans, as Louis did. He prayed mostly on rats. LOL

If you haven't seen this yet, you need to! Pitt is wonderful, as is Slater and Dunst. Her portrayal of Claudia, a fierce little vampire was amazing. Kinda of a Jane of the 90's!!! Banderas was sinister like his character and always gave me a chill.

I've seen this movie over a dozen times. I know every line, every scene. I also tend to walk by, every now and then, the places they film here. Matter of fact, the home that Louis owned is a plantation not far from my home here. But, no, at the time I didn't know they were filming, so no pictures of him. * sad face forms *

So, my recommendation is for you to watch this movie if you haven't. And if you've seen it before, watch it again. It never gets old!!!

Now, I leave you guys with my favorite quotes from the movie:

Claudia: "I want some more."
Louis: "I'm flesh and blood, but not human. I haven't been human for two hundred years."
Louis: "1791 was the year it happened. I was 24, younger than you are now."


  1. I gotta say it Twiggy...As much as Tom isn't my fave, I was, in fact, pleasantly surprised at the job he did in this film. Although I can't even imagine how the idea to cast him came up ("oh, let's get the guy from 'Top Gun' to play Lestat), he didn't do a completely pathetic job, as I expected. And the only 2 Brad Pitt movies I like are this one and "Legends of the Fall"...hmmm do you see a pattern?

    Hope you're all better from yesterday!

  2. I also love this movie, adore the book as it was my first intro to vamps. I HATE tc as Lestat. Have to get that out. Great movie rec. Brad Pitt ... couldn't have had a better Louis if the role had been written for him. Sigh ...