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Friday, May 28, 2010


Well today is suppose to be VENTING FRIDAY... But I have a massive headache and to VENT would only make it worse... LOL

So... what to write about... Not much...

Took my kiddies to see Shrek 4 Ever After in IMAX 3D!! And I got my money back for my Eclipse midnight tickets!!!

Now, that was the first time Ive seen a movie in IMAX and let me just tell ya... TOTALLY IMPRESSED. As I watched the trailers I was visually amazed and realized that in just 5 short weeks... ECLIPSE WILL BE IN IMAX AS WELL!!!

So, besides the $30 bucks I just paid for my Triple Feature, I will definitely be shelling out some more dough to see Eclipse in IMAX!!!! And since me and my sis have a tendency to see our favorite movies at least 5 times, one or two of those times will be in IMAX!!!

Are you going to see Eclipse in IMAX???

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