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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Welcome to Twilight Tuesday, where you can catch up on some news, dates, or just an vent about waiting so darn long for these movies to come out... LOL

So, for today, I have two little things for you guys! An article I read on USA Today about our awesome three some we have, Rob, KStew and Taylor!

They discuss everything from the Fame Game, to the "tent scene" and other projects.

It's a cute article and very funny.

Source: USA Today

Now for the next little bit of news, Elizabeth Reaser sat down with MTV to discuss our "tent scene"... goose bumps!

She's Team Edward, by the way, and describes the scene as one of the hottest scenes in the movie, as well as the book. I'd have to agree with her, well besides the LEG HITCH!!

You can read the entire article here:

Source: MTV

Thanks again! Hope you enjoyed this installment of Twilight Tuesday!


  1. You know, you could just cut and paste all your tweets here for Twilight Tuesdays....Really, you're better than Entertainment Weekly.....(hugs)

  2. Ah thank you... I try to stay inform to bring you guys the best!!!