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Friday, May 14, 2010


AMC Theatres AMCHelps @LaughingTwiGirl That's our goal, we're just figuring out logistics. We're hoping to have that info ready next week. ^RN

So, after ordering my tickets last night, I started to see peeps popping on tweeter about triple features. I refreshed my page every hour on the hour until around 130 am... Then I got up and checked it again.

I also picked up my tickets too... They are safe and sound in my FIRE PROOF SAFE!

Any hoo, as I roamed tweeter today, I started to notice more and more peeps getting tickets for a triple feature and that they were selling out quickly. We did this feature for New Moon and it was awesome. We arrived at the theater for 645, Twilight started at 9pm, and sat right down! The best part, we didn't have to move! Stayed in the SAME theater!

Okay, I'm rambling here, I decided to see if AMC, which runs our theaters, was on tweeter, and they were, and I took the chance to ask that all to import question: Is AMC doing a Triple feature?

As you can see above, that is my return TWEET!!! Sweet! We get a triple feature the night of June 29th, Can't wait!!!

Have you bought your tickets yet? If so, are you doing the "Trilogy" or just Eclipse? I want to know!

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