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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paste Magazine: The 50 Best Albums of the Decade

So I'm going through tweeter today and catch this awesome tweet from @PasteMagazine about the 50 Best Albums of the Decade (2000-2009) and I start looking. And what do I find??? 

In at #45 is Radiohead In Rainbows (2007). Other than me really, really liking this band, their song "15 Step" was the closing song for Twilight. 

In at #39 is Arcade Fire Neon Bible (2007). This band is a favorite of mine, so check them out!! 

In at #37 is Iron & Wine Our Endless Numbered Days (2004). Their song "Flightless Bird" was also featured in Twilight during the prom scene. 

In at #32 is The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (2002). This is another favorite of mine!! 

In at #31 is Death Cab for Cutie Transatlanticism (2003). Among one of my favorite all time bands, their song "Meet me on the Equinox" was the title track for New Moon. 

In at #29 is Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago (2008). They appear along with St. Vincent, and provided us the lead in with "Rosyln" during the New Moon 'Breakup scene'.

In at #21 is Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend (2008). This is another favorite band of mine with "Giving up the Gun" and "Holiday". They were featured on the Eclipse soundtrack with "Jonathan Low." You know, the scene where Bella (would have never done that) jumps on the back of the motorcycle with Jacob?

In at #19 is Beck Sea Change (2002). Beck is an oldie for me, "Loser" is still one of my favorites along with, "The New Pollution" and "Gamma Ray". He collaborated with Bat for Lashes in "Let's Get Lost" from the Eclipse soundtrack. 

In at #14 The Strokes Is This It (2001). Another one of my favorite bands! 

In at #6  The White Stripes Elephant (2003). Favorite Band! 

In at #3 Arcade Fire Funeral (2004). Really getting into this one! Check them out! 

Those are just to name a few. Did your favorite band make the list? Check out Paste Magazine for complete list and let me know yours!


Countdown to Eclipse DVD!!!

 4 more days!!! Gosh I can't believe we only have 4 more freaking days to finally own our very own copy of Eclipse!! 

Today's little clip is the 1st bedroom scene, you know the one where he sniffs her... yea that one... it melted my heart the first time I saw it (before the movie) and it melted my heart again today when I watched it again. And I'm pretty sure it will melt my heart come midnight when I stick my dvd into the dvd player and watch Eclipse!!! 


source: Clevver Tv you page

Monday, November 29, 2010

Countdown to Eclipse DVD Release!!!

5 more days!!!!!!! 

I looked around on my Directv pay per view this morning and FOUND Eclipse! It's starts at 11pm (cst) time. I have a feeling that even though I am getting my two copies of the DVD I will still be spending the $4.99 to rent it for the entire day! 

Anyhoo, we have 5 more days and the clip of the day is "Doesn't he own a shirt" one where the "hand off" happens. It is one of the best one liners in the movie! 

So enjoy!!

Source: Clevver Tv you tube page 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Count down to Eclipse!!!!!!

6 more freaking days!!!

This week is going to be EPIC!  


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Countdown to Eclipse DVD Release!!!

  So... 7 days to go!! This time next Saturday, Eclipse will be released onto DVD and is bound to break records of DVD sales!! I am just grateful that this year I am not running around town buying four different copies! 

Each day I will bring a video from a scene from Eclipse! We can relive together this amazing movie and mark another day off of our calendars together! 

7 more days!!! Enjoy! 

source: CleverTv you tube page

Thursday, November 25, 2010

IT'S FEATHERS!!!!!!!!!!

So Turkey day started out like every day... I was up at 5am, the butt crack of dawn, made my coffee, scratched my ass but started to cook a 14 pound turkey for the festivity of the day. Through out the day, I made it be known where I was in my cooking frezny that was me and I even had a Epic Twitter day as well... 

I hit 20,000 tweets today! Yea Me! Throws a party! I wonder if that is why peeps follow me or do they actually enjoy what I have to say???

Anyhoo, through out the morning I kept checking back to see how everyone's day was going and came across a tweet about "feathers". I was like WTF? What Feathers???? And low and behold, 10 of my awesomest, amazingest, bestest friends tweeted me back with this little dandy of a pic......

According to Twitter, Director Bill Condon gave us a little present this Thanksgiving day and tweeted the pic through Twilight's tweeter account. Isn't it awesome... this year long wait is going to KILL ME!!! 

Now all we need is a BROKEN HEADBOARD for Christmas and this year will be AMAZING!!!!! 


Monday, November 22, 2010

Eclipse Parody by The Hillywood Show™

Well, they did it AGAIN! The Hillywood Show has parodied Twilight, New Moon and now Eclipse! With a little help from Lady Gaga, this one has to be the BEST ONE YET!! 


Source: The Hillywood Show youtube

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD TV Spot


 Here it is! A tv spot for Eclipse DVD! If you missed it last night on the AMA's, here's your chance to see it again and again and again and again and... Okay, you get the picture! 

Is it December 4th YET???????????????????

Friday, November 5, 2010


Howdy guys! I am back in the game some what... Had a wild and crazy Halloween weekend and paid for it dearly! 

I've had whip lash for the last five days from jamming to Muse, Metric, Florence + The Machine, Weezer and Ozzy. 

So, I haven't tweeted, posted any news or gave my commentary on VooDoo Fest 2010 yet... But don't worry, it will all happen tomorrow!! 

Until then, bare with me... This muscle relaxers are AMAZING! LOL