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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I like to blog... I like to gossip when I see fit... I also love to tweet... But I am also one to turn away when the "DRAMA LLAMA" rears it's ugly head!

First off... and I am going off of "RUMORS" ( I have a Fleetwood Mac tune stirring in my head)! I am getting really annoyed with these contract "RUMORS". Let's see... I am ball parking these figures... Twilight has made millions, New Moon has made millions, Eclipse will make millions... Do you see a pattern here? Hands down Summpid has a multi billion dollar toy to play with and that's exactly what they are doing. These "RUMORS" of negotiating contracts with lesser actors and these lesser actors wanting more money for two more films is WORTH IT!!!! Come on Summpid, it's called a RAISE! You do a good job and you are rewarded for it. So what if the "actor" was paid $1 million per the first three, if they want $3 million for the next two, who cares... You have over a billion in sales to dip into... pay the darn money Summpid.

Next... Location, Location, Location!!! I am all for production companies scouting locations in and around New Orleans and Baton Rouge for filming. It's good for our economy and puts us on the map, "HOLLYWOOD SOUTH", that's what the locals call it. However, for these "RUMORS" (darn Fleetwood Mac song) of production for Breaking Dawn coming to New Orleans are too funny. Me, myself and I just laughed and laughed and laughed. What I would give to have KStew or RPatzz or TayTay to come to town to film my FAVORITE book! HMMM... I could think of a few things... Our hotels would fill the moment the words spill through the press release, the city would be filled with tweens, teens, and grandma's vying for a chance to get that book signed or a picture with any of them.

But here's the deal... We have nothing to offer other than TAX CREDITS, for Breaking Dawn. The cottage is nestled into the forest of the PACIFIC, not the SWAMPS. The big confrontation takes place in the same area as the final fight scene in Eclipse, hello read the book. As for the honeymoon, we do have cruise ships that venture off to Cancun, Carlos n' Charlie's anyone? I am not dissing my home town, I just don't think New Orleans or any where in Louisiana is right for Breaking Dawn. Production needs to go back to where it alllllll started, Portland!

One more thing... Summpid stop playing around with us! We had so much more footage for New Moon than we do for Eclipse. This waiting is killing me! Also, where do you get off, giving out the groups one by one, every 1/2 hour for the soundtrack, what kinda of announcement is that? And we here in the states are FINALLY getting our midnight tickets for Eclipse? WTH Overseas has had them for months now and with a triple feature??

Any thing else.... Nope that's it... Until tomorrow, when the DRAMA LLAMA rears it's ugly head yet again to "RUMORS" (still singing that Fleetwood Mac song).

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