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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Loud Ass Wednesday

In 1991, a garage band from Seattle released an album called "TEN" and the rest is ... well history!

LOUD ASS WEDNESDAY is all about my very first ALTERNATIVE or Garage Band PEARL JAM!!!

I was introduced to them through some guy friends in high school when the ALTERNATIVE scene just started. Back in the coffee shops of Seattle, these bands started to move away from Rock and Heavy Metal but began to mix the two into a brand of music that is still going strong today!

From Alive to Evenflow to Jeremy, "Ten" was a rockin', mosh pit barrel of vocals from Eddie Vedder.

Then in 1993, they released " Vs" followed by "Vitalogy" in 1994 which featured Spin the Black Circle and Better Man (or Butter Man as we call it, LOL). In 1998 they released the cd "Yield" which features one of my many favorites "Given to Fly" and "Do the Evolution." They also wrote and performed all the songs for the movie, "Into the Wild", which of course our KStew had a small role opposite Emile Hirsch and was directed by Sean Penn. Play "Six degrees" with this one! LOL

They sold out concerts around the world, played festivals and bars. They've played New Orleans numerous times, all of which I've been too! I've never missed a concert. Jazz Fest was amazing this year! Watching them, I realized how much I've missed them LIVE!

So, I suggest that you give them a listen!! Out of all the FIRST Alternative bands, Pearl Jam is and will always be my favorite band! It's great to pop in the Ipod and just turn up the volume and jam!! And of course relive my twenties... No comment from the peanut gallery!

I want to know... who's your favorite ALTERNATIVE BAND FROM THE NINETIES???

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