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Monday, May 3, 2010

A story about a Girl and her HIP!

So I finally went and saw the surgeon about this hip problem I've been having for nearly 14 years. Yea, I know... Any way, a few months ago, I was sitting for a couple of hours at my laptop looking around for Twilight news, tweeting, etc... all the while, getting up and down from a bar stool ( my laptop sits at our breakfast bar). So the next morning, my hip locked up on me.

I like to describe this as being when you try to crack your knuckle and it won't, that's what my hip does...

So, I go to an ortho doctor, so schedules an MRI on the spot (That's another story in itself). She looks at the film and basically says that she can't help, go see this Dr.

To make a long, very long story very, very short... I have finally saw one of only two doctors in our area, that perform this type of scope.

And we finally get a diagnosis... Labral Tear and Hip Impingement! Pretty impressive? LOL

Basically what is happening is that the Labral Tear is a piece of cartilage that slides into the ball joint of my hip and "LOCKS" it, so the hip can't rotate for me to walk, sit, bend, stand... Now for the Hip Impingement, because of the "LOCKING" the bone rubs against the bone and causes a bump and pain in the hip area.

So I need a simple surgery called Arthroscopic. OOOOOO They go in with a scope and repair the cartilage and shave down the bump on the bone.

However, this is a 3 - 4 week recovery time, one week being bed ridden and two weeks on crutches. So there is no way I could do this now, having all four kids home for the summer. So I must wait another few more months and will go ahead in the fall when school starts back up and have it done at that time.

I figured, I've dealt with it this long... I could deal with it some more!!!

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