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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fanfiction Friday with Lady Tazz

Happy Friday!!!! today I will be rec'n all Jake/Bella!!

This weeks Completed Fic

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

Alice’s werewolf blindness never allowed her to see Bella’s cliff diving at La Push, so she and the rest of the Cullens continued to stay away from Forks.
Bella struggles with her changing feelings for Jacob, her pain from Edward’s rejection, and her lingering feelings of love for the vampire who broke her heart and disappeared. Will Jacob and Bella find their way to each other and get their chance at happiness? And when a miserable and heartbroken Edward returns to beg Bella for forgiveness, what will she do?
As relationships change, Victoria continues her vendetta.

This story owned me when I was reading it. It truly is an amazing story. I love Bella this Bella and Jake. This story has many twists and turns. I cried many chapters both because I was happy and sad.

 I cried when it ended. I won the FGB auction, so later in the story you will meet Tamaria (thats me!)

Now go read!!!

 This Weeks WIP

 Bella and Jacob are getting married tomorrow. While struggling to write their wedding vows, they receive a phone call that will change their lives from now on.
Expect insights in their newlyweds' life, worries about imprinting, familiar vampires, jealousy between husband and brother, pack life, road trips, college memories and more!
Rated for language and lemons.
This story is just so sweet! Bella and Jacob go through a lot of ups and downs, Bella finds out she pregnant the day before the wedding. How will the happy couple cope with the news?
They are like every couple, they fight and make up. Jake screws up a lot, and Bella has to be the adult.
So, they have regular every day issues plus that of the the imprinting.
Trust me and give this story a read!!
This Weeks One Shot!!

Jacob and Bella reminisce over their life together through pictures and tell the stories behind them to their three-year-old daughter, Melly. For MellyFrisco6 and the Support Stacie Auction!
This One Shot  is just beyond adorable! Go READ IT!!!!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eclipse DVD BTS - The Cullens

 In 45 short days, Eclipse will be out on DVD in record numbers as it's predecessors were! 

For now and if you chew gum, which I don't, you can unlock 5 "exclusive secret footage" from the Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD!!

That's right, you have to chew some gum to get the code and then go to the web site, punch the code in and watch away.... OR 

You wait patiently for the next 45 days and get the DVD at midnight.... OR

You can just watch them on You Tube!! LOL

The above video is titled "The Cullens" So enjoy!!!

Source: Twilight Examiner

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What a Freaking Dream Night!!!!!!

Okay, I am still weak in the knees and a little light headed and amazed! 

What am I talking about, you asked? 

I got a once in a life time opportunity only one can DREAM of!!! And this is what happened!

A couple of months ago, I found out through tweeter that Kristen Stewart's little indie project, Welcome to the Riley's was going to open the New Orleans Film Festival and I jumped! I went all out and bought an all access pass which granted me a lot of extras. I also found some other "local ladies" to go with and share this wonderful experience!!!

So, here it is, October 15, I get up like any other day and realize that today is the DAY!!! I quickly clean my house, get all four kids out the door and off to school, shower, dress, make sure I have money, credit cards, ID, emails and my little Rob Porn book and sharpie!! (why? well there were reports of Robsten in town. I bought it with me just in case!)

Anyhoo, never have experiencing anything like a film fest and being a virgin at that, I decided to check out the line for tickets at 9:15 that morning, 1 chick... That was it! By the time the Film Society got there and set up, I was second in line and received my all access pass and my two Welcome to the Riley's tickets!!!! 

After that, my other girl friends who were sharing this experienced, showed up and got their tickets as well! In all there was eight of us! Holding our tickets dear to our hearts, we went into New Orleans and grabbed some lunch at a great bar called Yo Momma's. We ended up going upstairs and eating at the bar. Drinks and the best damn hamburgers ever at 1pm on a Friday, while every one else is WORKING!!! 

As we drank, we started to talk about fan fics and movies and books. And then we saw it!!! 

We couldn't stop laughing... a riding crop, a flogger, dusters and more! Red lights and chains... it could only be one thing??? Fifty's Playroom of Pain!! 

So, we eat, laugh and drink and then head back to one of the girl's hotel room, to freshen up and grab a cab down to the Prytania. We got there at around 4 and the people there were like "you guys are really really early" We know! 

After waiting for about two hours, we took our place in line. I got to go in first since I had an all access pass and saved our seats. The Prytania is the oldest, single screen theater in New Orleans. It is not stadium style, it's flat and there is a balcony.

We waited patiently, watched the Mayor of New Orleans meet and great people and then... there he was, Jake Scott, Director of Welcome to the Riley's. His father is Ridley Scott, director of Blade Runner and Alien, and his uncle is Tony Scott, director of Top Gun and Man on Fire. They both produced WTTR. 

He gives a brief introduction and then the movie starts and then....

OMG This movie is amazing. James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo are entertaining as husband and wife still dealing with the death of their only daughter. On a convention trip to New Orleans, Gandolfini's character Doug Riley, meets Kristen Stewart's character Mallory, who strips for a living and has a really, bad potty mouth! Doug finds himself seeing his daughter through Mallory and takes it upon himself to not only clean her house but her up as well. 

Leo's Lois, has never left the house since the death. As her sister points out, played by Ally Sheedy for like 15 seconds, she needs to get out and get her own damn paper. Lois decides to join her husband in New Orleans and drives allllllll the way from Indy to New Orleans for the first time in YEARS! Lets just say that is the comic performance!!! While she is driving, my home town of LaPlace was featured, as Leo's character drove down the interstate by the weigh stations!! I freaked out when I saw that!!

All three give an outstanding performance, even Stewart. If we figured out correctly, she made this movie right after filming Twilight and she was only 18 at the time!!! Amazing talent on her part!!! 

So after the movie, we all got to sit in on the Q&A with Mr. Scott!! He spoke about how the movie was made, introduced some local cast and crew members, explained his thought process and how it was working with Leo, James and Kristen! He even performed a little dance number... LOL 

And as we were walking out, I pulled our girls along with me and this is what happened.........

That's me!!! To the right of Director Jake Scott!! He looks just like his dad!!  We also met the couple whose house was used in Mandeville, which is across the lake from New Orleans and the lady that portray the hair dresser in one scene with Leo! SURREAL!!!!

And that was it! That was my FREAKING DREAM NIGHT! I don't think I will EVER have that opportunity EVER again!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

FanFiction Friday's with LadyTazz

Thank God It's Friday!!

Today I have a Complete and WIP by SweetT129 and A OS by BellaBee66

This weeks Completed Fic:

The battle with Victoria and the newborns takes a tragic turn and five lives are lost. This is the story of how Bella and the other survivors learn how to live and love again.
The story is built upon canon, going AU at the point of the battle with Victoria and the newborns. This time, the battle is not so simple, and Esme, Edward, Jacob, Leah, and Paul are killed.
This is the story of how Bella and the Cullens pick up the pieces after the terrible tragedy and find a way to live again. It's quite emotional and slow-building, and I've done my best to keep it as realistic as possible (for the Twilight world, lol) and keep everyone in character.

Here's a preview:
"Bella, everything you heard in those letters was true. You are a Cullen, no matter what. We love you, and we want you to stay."
She looked up at me, her eyes brimming with tears. "How, Carlisle? How can you want me to stay?"
I took her face between my hands and looked directly into her eyes. "Because Bella, I can't make it if you don't. I need you now. You are the only one who can understand the pain I'm in, and I yours. We all need each other. This family will fall apart if we separate now. Please, Bella, say you'll stay with us."

"But since we lost Esme and Edward, I've felt his feelings toward her - he thinks of her as a friend. A best friend, perhaps. He has loved her in that way since the battle. And she feels for him in the same way. And I've noticed, especially in the last few months, that the connection they feel for each other seems stronger somehow. When they are not together, they both feel incomplete, but together, they both feel secure. They really rely quite heavily on each other.

~~This story took me awhile to read this story because I knew there would be character death. I'm glad I did. It's a roller coaster ride of emotions and it's worth it!! TRUST ME!!~~

You will fall in love with Bella and Carlisle together!!
It has a sequel also!!

Basking in the Light of our Love
Sequel to A Light in the Darkness. This story follows Carlisle and Bella in their life as newlyweds, beginning the morning after their wedding. Many surprises to come for the new husband and wife. What will they be?

This Weeks WIP

To Have and To Hold by SweetT129
Welcome to Forks. It may be a quiet town, but drama is hiding around every corner. Jasper and Bella thought they were living a dream until strange gifts and letters began appearing. Who they were from and what they meant was a mystery, one that was far more complicated than the lovers could ever imagine. The lovers, however, aren't the only ones in town with trouble on their hands. To Have and To Hold is a Twilight soap opera. Enjoy!

~~OMG this story is the funniest thing I have read in awhile! It truly is like reading a soap opera~~

Some of the lines that cracked me up:
*Jasper made sandwiches, cut up melon, and gathered some bottled water and chips, placing everything into his picnic basket. Once the food was ready, Jasper went upstairs to get his favorite plaid blanket from the bedroom closet,

*Later that evening, over plates of spaghetti and meatballs - Charlie's favorite dish

*"Now quit your wailin', son," Peter scolded. "You're a grown man, and it's not as if your Mama and I don't...


This Weeks One Shot

AH Officer Masen is the newest addition to the Forks Police Dept. He's been warned about the Chief's daughter. He finds himself pulling her over for speeding. Just how far will Bella go to get out of a ticket? Yummy goodness with twist of LEMON!


~~OMG, this one shot is awesome!!! She kinda throws you for a loop and you get one hot LEMON!!~~

That's it for me, remember to review as you !!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Teaser for Chapter 3 :: Chance Meeting

It's Monday and that could only mean? You get a sneak peak look into Chapter 3 of Dreams!!!

I made you wait long enough but I think you guys can wait until tomorrow for the entire chapter to be post? No you can't? Oh well, for now you get a teaser... Enjoy...

Teaser for Chapter 3 Chance Meeting:

“Ready,” I said as I jumped right behind them.

“Wonder who those people are,” Jessica asked. She threw her arms up and I helped her up.

“Party people,” I said.

“Oh, those are some guys who work for a film crew,” Angela stated.

We all turned around and looked at her.

“How do you know that?” Jessica asked. Marcus chimed in, “Yea, please give us the 4-1-1, Angela.”

“Apparently, this company was filming a movie here for a couple of weeks and they just wrapped up. They threw some kind of party here tonight. That’s probably why the bar was so busy tonight.”

“And you know this how?” Jessica quizzed her. “I mean it’s not like you to be Ms. Know It All.”

“Because Angela got to hob knob with most of them,” I said.

“With who?”

I pointed my finger towards the awaiting limo, “Them.”

Marcus and Jessica turned.

“Eeeek,” Jessica shrilled. “Is that who I think it is?”

“I think it is who you think it is, Jess,” Marcus answered her.

oooooooooo I wonder who they are???? LOL 

chapter will be up tomorrow on ffn, in the meantime, get those gears rolling!! 

Friday, October 8, 2010

5 Scenes from Breaking Dawn... rated R?

For us 'older' ladies, the thoughts of a pristine sandy white beach, feathers and broken head boards means SEX, right? Well in the book, we didn't get that as it was written for a much, much younger crowd then we are. You had to use your imaganation or turn to fan fic like I did, LOL.

So I give you this cute little article from and their take on the "5" scenes that could make Breaking Dawn a rated R movie for us 'older' ladies that want a beach scene, see the feathers flying from a certain someone's teeth and him, of course, breaking that HEADBOARD!!!!!!!

Their first topic of course, covers the feathers and headboard portion of the book, here's a little peak:
"Bella also woke up covered in down feathers because Edward "bit a pillow. Or two." Of course the second time the two experience physical love there's not so much bruising, but it would definitely take things to the next level to see Robert Pattinson do the damage described in Chapter Six. After realizing her night gown has been torn to tatters, Bella assesses the rest of the damage."
Check the rest of the article here:


Breaking Dawn and Louisiana

Only a week or two and then I'm gonna start to hang out at my local airport with my NEON GREEN SIGN that reads "Welcome to the Big Easy Twilight Cast" !!! Any one want to join me??? LOL

Collider has an insteresting article concerning Baton Rouge and Breaking Dawn and sets and filming and everything!! 

Check out the article here:

Now, Almost all of Breaking Dawn takes place inside the Cullen House, so I am not hoping to see any filming going on but I do hope that if we are quiet enough and not cause a HUGE ASS SCENE we may get the chance to meet a few cast members while they film at the sound stage in Baton Rouge... WE WILL SEE!!!!

source: Collider and Twilight Lexicon

The Hillywood and Eclipse parody

A few months back we got a small and I mean a small little teaser clip from the ever popluar group, The Hillywood Show, for their up and coming Eclipse parody. Well now we have a little pic to keep you waiting for the parody to hit the internet, in November 2010!!!

Take a peak... Edward and Bella in the meadow... from the link below!!!

Renesmee Has Been Cast!!!!

405 days till we hear the words "I do"... 405 days till we see feathers and broken headboards... 405 days till we hear the words "Rosalie, help me."... 405 days until we meet a certain smallish, brown haired, golden eyed baby?? Or do we have to wait some 365 days until we see her?????

You guys know who I'm talking about!!! Well now it's official! RENESMEE HAS BEEN CAST!!!! 

Meyer, herself, broke the news late Wednesday night with this little note:

"Hi Everyone!
Congratulations to the Twilight Facebook Fan Page! 15 million fans! You guys never cease to amaze me. In other news…
Very excited about our new Renesmee, Mackenzie Foy. She’s an amazing young actress and I’m excited to work with her. I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer!
- Steph"

Stop on by to see full article!!

Source: TA 

FanFiction Friday with Lady Tazz

Hello all!!. It's Friday so I'm here to bring you some great Twilight fanfiction reads! 

I will give you a Completed Story, a WIP and a One Shot each week - various pairings.

Completed Story Rec:

Edward seeks out the counsel of his father and brothers after agreeing to be with Bella after their wedding. What will Edward do with that advise and how will he and Bella prepare for their upcoming wedding night.

This story is a wonderful "pushing boundaries" story,it's told from EPOV. This story is very well written and will not disappoint.

WIP Rec:

In an act of desperation, Edward conspires with Carlisle and the pack, to save Bella's life.  The plan is simple: The wolves provide a distraction so Edward can drug Bella without the interference of his family.  The plan is put into action, and, when it's all over, the only thing that remains is an unquenchable desire for revenge.

This story is so good and it surprises me that it so "under the radar". It's one of my "drop everything stories"'
 Edward in his know-it-all fashion takes matters into his own hands and doesn't take what Bella, his wife wants. The aftermath is incredible and so intense. Jacob and the pack, Edward and Carlisle must pay for what they did to Bella.Trust me and give this story a shot. 

Warning its DARK and contains a forced aboration. If that's an issue for you  - DON'T READ!

One Shot Rec:

Our lovely LaughingTwiGirl has posted a One Shot (giggles she never knows what I will rec here)

Blueberries, Pineapples, Strawberries Oh My! by LaughingTwiGirl

A day of shopping at the Farmers Market for fresh fruit can only lead to one thing...

This One Shot is so cute.Go read it...nuff said!!!


~As always remember to show the authors LOVE by reviewing as you read!! See you next week!!~

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Peter Facinelli Tweets... When doesn't he? LOL

Now, 407 days are a longggggggggggggg time before Breaking Dawn PT 1 hits theaters but maybe this will brighten your day a little....

Mr. Tweeter himself, Peter Facinelli (Daddy Cullen) Tweeted today about a certain movie: 

"Just read the Breaking Dawn scripts. I must say... AWESOME! Very excited. :)"

*THUD* oh sorry... I just killed over... that's all.... LOL 

Awesome, huh? Does that get a little more surreal for you? It does for me!! 

Then, Edi Gathegi tweeted Peter: 

" am i in it?" LMAO!!! I hope so... Would be nice to see a Laurent/Irnia flashback!!!!

Okay... so go back and moan and groan about 407 days till Breaking Dawn!!!

Shout out

Wanted to take the time and give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to a web site that I love and hold dear to me. I finally figured out how to add buttons and countdowns and stuff and I FINALLY added a Breaking Dawn one... So with out any delay...


Come visit and reach out to other ladies in the fandom! This site is stocked full of pictures and countdowns and pages and FUN!! We like to chat and watch movies together from everywhere!!!

Hope to see ya there!!!!  

Exclusive: Stephenie Meyer's 'The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide' to go on sale April 12, 2011

 Add another date to your long extended list of countdowns... On April 12th, 2011 (three days b4 Water for Elephants hit theaters) The Twilight Saga Official Illustrated Guide will hit store shelves!!

This is a must have for any TwiHard out there where Character Profiles, Out Takes, a Conversation with Meyer and much, much more will be included with this Guide!!!

For more information, visit (Source)

Exclusive: Stephenie Meyer's 'The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide' to go on sale April 12, 2011

Another Note from Director Bill Condon

 On Friday October 1st, our director for both parts of Breaking Dawn sent out another little sweet message via Facebook. He has named various positions in the production team. If you aren't familiar with how a movie works, each director will bring in new people that they feel comfortable to work with, especially in a franchise like Twilight. 

So Mr. Condon announced that a new cinematographer, costume designer, makeup designer, production designer and visual effects supervisor have been brought on for both movies.  

Can't wait to see what they have in store for us. You can read the entire message here:

Amazon and The 2010 Best Magazine Cover

And the winner is............................................................? customers, you have spoken, and the Best Magazine Cover of the Year for 2010 is Harper's Bazaar's "Twilight" cover from December 2009, also our Best Vampire Cover winner. Of the cover, the magazine's editors wrote:
"People of all ages sunk their teeth into the Twilight saga. At the forefront of the vampire phenomenon were Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who graced our December subscriber cover in a rare shot together. Harper’s Bazaar was the only monthly magazine to feature the couple on a cover. While the epic image played on the idea of courtship, it was given extra heat due to their real-life romance."
Congratulations to Harper's Bazaar, and to all the finalists from each category.

I own this copy and to this date, this photo shoot has been the hottest I've seen from them! Beautiful children I tell you!!! LOL

Congratulations Harper's Bazaar and Twilight!  

Source: (

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Meet the Denali Clan

First we got the news that Irnia was cast, then... We get the whole Denali Clan! WooHoo! God knows I did a happy dance!!

Now, here comes the next question... do we meet them in the first part of Breaking Dawn or will Rosenberg make us wait to see them until part two... who the hell knows.

Any way... I did some research and now I would like to introduce you to the DENALI CLAN.

I forgot which book it was but we know about the Denali Clan long before Breaking Dawn, that is if you read the books... We also know that they are the closest clan besides the Cullens who only feed on animals and not humans, so basically their eyes will be topaz too!

Eleazar, who has the power to sniff out a power of an opposing vampire, will be played by Christian Camargo. Two movies you might had seen him in is: National Treasure 2, where he played John Wilkes Booth, and the Hurt Locker.  I have to tell you, he fits the character to a tee, he is just how I imagined Eleazar to look like!!!

Carmen, no special powers but is with Eleazar, will be played by Mia Maestro. She was in the 2006 version of Posiedon with Kurt Russell and Josh Lucas. And again, she fits the character to a tee!!!

Tanya, no special powers except her beauty, will be played by MyAnne Buring. She was in the movie Grindhouse in 2007. 

Kate, who has a power of electrical charge (remember she knocked Garrett, the nomad, down to the ground) that she can run through out her body, will be played by Casey LaBow. She was in a movie called The Unknown in 2005.

Irnia, no special powers but is linked to Laurent in New Moon, will be played by Maggie Grace. She was in the tv show LOST as Shannon Rutherford and played Liam Neeson's daughter in Taken. 

Okay... so there is the Denali Clan... now we have to wait to see when we meet them. I am hoping for the first part, during the wedding but since Rosenberg has left them out of all three movies so far... how the heck are you going to explain them now... for those who HAVEN'T read the books...

An Important Message.... from me...

Hey guys... I'm back... Took some time off recently because I was "under the weather". In other words, I was sicker than a dog. But one has to ask, why do we say we are under the weather? It's not like I went outside and just sat out in the rain or anything? 

Anyhoo... I'm back and will be updating some really "OLD" news... LOL