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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In Other Important News....

Wow, this week has definitely been a big one!  

To start: Daddy Cullen himself tweeted about wardrobe fittings for production!! This just makes it more surreal, doesn't it?

Then word came around that all of production will take place in Baton Rouge, including the final "battle scene". Vancouver will still be used but only for rough outside shots. Now some are concerned with this "battle scene" but I think it's a good thing. (pun intended) I mean, when you get to the final few chapters, it's dull. We need some excitement towards the end.  For one, I can't wait to see what GCI peeps do with Bella's shield!! 

Also, over on Ebay, there is currently a charity auction going on for StandUp2Cancer! They are auctioning off for an official and legal (as they put it) visit to the Breaking Dawn set in Vancouver for two! To bad they couldn't do that for here, I would so be on the next street corner with the highest traffic! LOL

And then, the BIGGEST news of all was of course a sighting of Robert Pattinson and company. Apparently, he is on a ROAD TRIP and passed through Lubbock, Texas the other night. No word on his whereabouts today or where exactly he's headed, but with KStew here in New Orleans, that's where my money is. Besides, they will all be in Baton Rouge shortly and New Orleans is just a hop skip and a jump! 

Okay, a little BIG news as well, Summpid is re releasing Eclipse back into theaters this Friday nationwide in honor of Bella's Birthday this Monday, September 13th! I am totally stoked and can't wait to see it on the Big Screen just one more time. I really don't care spending anther $5 on it!! 

So, there you have it! All the news wrapped up into one! All my sources are on Tweeter and I totally forgot to write them all down! Kudos peeps!


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