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Friday, September 17, 2010


So... most of you know that I read fan fiction and I know that most of you read it too. I've been noticing lately that not all of you are aware of the wide range of fics that we have access too.

Not only do I blog here and on Cullen's Love Shack but I also blog on Tazz's Obsession, a blog dedicated to Twilight Fan Fiction.

And now I have a very special blogger who will join us on Fridays and set you guys up with some stories that she finds interesting! They may be completed stories or stories that are a few chapters in. We also have some one shots too!

So with out further ado... Please give a round of applause to Lady Tazz as she gives us a look into the world of Twilight Fan Fiction!!

Happy Friday to all!!!

I'm Lady Tazz and I will be here every Friday to rec you stories that I love!!

Today I'm going to rec my fic idol Cullen818
she writes Jasper/Bella

She Has a finished Trilogy
Fate - Love - Hope

The First installment is:

Set two years after New Moon. Edward never came back and Bella is at college trying to pull her life together. She meets up with the one Cullen she never thought she could have anything in common with. Definately a Team Jasper story. Rated M for lemons

Steph (cullen818) is truly an amazing writer and she takes you on this incredible journey with Jasper and Bella.

I highly recommend this trilogy. I have read it twice, it's that good!

This was the first Jasper/Bella I ever read and it hooked me.The Jasper/bella pairing is becoming more popular, I believe it's because they fit so well together. Jasper does not treat Bella like a piece of china, he treats her as his equal in their relationship. Don't worry everyone will get there Happy Ending!! Trust me!!!

Enjoy the rollercoaster ride of emotions to get there!!! *winks* Oh, and the smut is really good!! *passes out sham wows* you will need them for hot, sexy, dominate vampire Jasper *fans self*

Because of this trilogy and my love for Steph's writing I wanted more, now I read Jasper/Bella more then any other pairing.

She also has a work in progress thats a Jasper/ Bella AH

Eighteen yr old Bella falls for the charming and sophisticated 23 yr old Jasper. He's every woman's fantasy, but what happens when he goes back to Yale for an internship, leaving Bella with an everlasting gift? Will she tell him her secret? AH/AU

This story owns me and its only in chapter 5. Bella life takes an unexpected turn. How she deals with it will change her life and the lives of others.

This story for me at least takes me back to high school and lets you relive all the feelings of being in love for the first time. the first date -the first kiss - the first time you had... sex..

She also has several one shots! She even has an Edward/Bella one.

My interpretation of what happened that first night on Isle Esme. One Shot.

This one shot is an mature look at Edward and Bella's honeymoon!!! So she DIDN"T fade to black. LOL- WOOT!!!!
yes I'm a slOOr (smut hoor)

I will be back next Friday with more Fic recs - Remember to show an author some love by reviewing as you read,it's your gift to them!!!

Till next time - Happy Reading!!

~Lady Tazz

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