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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

James Franco and Twiligh? Who knew?

 MTV News recently caught up with James Franco (best known on TV's soap General Hospital and movies like Pineapple Express) at the Toronto International Film Festival and apparently he is all up in the Twilight craze! I think it's kinda of cute, that Franco has an interest in this series.

He is currently reading Breaking Dawn and like most of us, he is disappointed about the lack of sex in the book. He is quoted as saying...  
"I read a part of it. I think I got to the sex scene, but it was so brief, I didn't even know if it was the actual sex scene," he admitted. "It was kind of a letdown after all that buildup."
Can I say one thing... Na, not going there... Thank God for Fan Fiction!!!! LOL

You can see the entire interview and video here:

Source: HollywoodCrush MTV

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