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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day Four of Magnet GIVE AWAY!!!!

FINAL DAY OF GIVE AWAY and this one is for all you Team Jacob peeps!

Congrats to Stephanie, she won yesterday's Edward Magnet!! Congrats!

Okay... Today is sooooooooooooooooooooo busy for me that the rules have changed BIG TIME!!!!

1. U must be following thy blog.
2. U must watch the Vampire D's tonight.
3. Answer the following trivia question in the comment below.
4. Cheer on the New Orleans Saints as we open our season tonight! Farve on the Ground! Who Dat! We Dat! Two Dat!
5. No need for bail money or oxygen tanks today... tall, slim, beraded British dude not here yet.
6. No Bonus points today... I don't have anything that comes to mind! 

In the book Eclipse, Bella calls someone a "Witch", who is she?

Good luck! Remember, contest opened worldwide and until 9pm central time!! Have fun!!


  1. 1. I'm still following the blog even though you gave Stephanie the Edward
    2. I'm excited to see Vampire Diaries tonight..can't wait!
    3. Answer to trivia question is Angela
    4. I can't be disloyal to my own NFL team..sorry
    5. Since I can keep the bail money, guess I will use it to buy me my own EDWARD magnet ;)
    6. Bonus points didn't get me anywhere before so it's all good
    -Disclaimer- If by any chance I win a *ahem* Jacob item, it will be for my neice, who has disappointed me greatly for her choice of teams. J/S

  2. Ok...let's try this again *crosses fingers*
    1. I follow your blog, its great, love it, heart you too!! :)(Shamelessly sucking up :D)
    2. Ok, so about the Vampire Diaries, well, I've actually never watched it(don't hate me!!!). Since I'm an honest person, I'm not gonna lie, I will not be watching it tonight either! Sorry :( (Please don't disqualify me!!! :)LOL
    3. Answer to trivia question is: Bella calls Angela a witch!
    4. I don't watch football, and quite honestly the game confuses me, and I have no idea how its played. But, with that said, I will gladly cheer on your Saints!! Goooo Saints!!!!
    5. I am holding onto your bail money! Even though you don't need it today, I'm sure the day will come when you do need it!! :P
    6. No bonus points?!?! Well.....thats ok, I don't need them anyway!! haha
    - Ok, so it's not my first choice in magnets, but hey, its still Twilight related. Plus....since Jacob is in my twitter name(and no I am NOT team Jacob), its fate that he belongs here on my fridge. And if he does come to live with me, I promise to keep him away from my Bella magnet!!