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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day Three of Magnet GIVE AWAY!!!!

Ready for Day Three of GIVE AWAY????

Wanna give a shout out to Talie who won yesterdays magnet!!! Congrats!! Check your email!!

So today is for all you Team Edward fans... Edward Magnet is up for grabs!!!

The rules are simple:

1. U must be following thy blog!
2. Find your nearest theater Friday night and enjoy Eclipse again in honor of Bella's Birthday!
3. Answer the trivia question in the comment section of this post.
4. Send bail money and an oxygen tank or two, in care of the French Quarter for Thursday... Just in case a tall, slim, bearded British dude is located?
5. Commit me to an insane colony.
6. Extra, Extra bonus points if you read my first ever one shot! (shameless exposure) 

Now once you have completed 2 of the above rules, take a stab at the following question: 

In the movie, New Moon, Victoria is being chased by Jacob and company through the forest, What animal flies over head during the scene?

OOOOOO, this is a hard one!! But believe it or not, this is a question off of the New Moon game app I have on my phone! 

Good Luck! GIVE AWAY is opened worldwide and ends at 9pm central time!!


  1. Whooo.....I know this!!(and I should since I have watched New Moon countless times!!)
    1. Yes m'am, I am following the blog :)
    2. Since Eclipse is no longer playing here, and not coming back, I cannot watch Eclipse in a theater. BUT, I didn't say I can't watch Eclipse just not *cough* *ahem* in a theater(don't judge me!! LOL)
    3. The answer to the trivia question is: A crow flies over Victoria during the epic wolf chase!!! It also makes a screeching sound, similar to an eagle, which is kinda annoying, but anyway.....
    4. I will send you bail money, but, on the condition that you at least get arrested for something worthwhile, ie. groping said tall, slim, bearded British dude.
    5. After I send you the bail money, I will be sure to commit you, although at that point, it may be a court order that commits you! :P
    6.Yes, I certainly did read your very first O/S, and just FYI, I am heading to my local Farmers Market on Saturday, and buying some blueberries!!! :D
    Sooo.....if you want Edward to go to a caring, loving home....pick me!!! :) He will be well cared for, put on a very special place on my fridge, and he won't be lonely!! He can mingle with my Eclipse magnets!!! :)

  2. I just want to say how much I enjoy reading your blog and the rules to your trivia contests. They are truly inspired!
    As I think I told you before, loved your o/s. Like Gina, I want some blueberries!!

    The animal flying overhead was a black crow.

  3. Blueberries!! I am SOOO going to sneak some into everything I feed my hubby!!
    I have some cash stashed I could send in case you are in need of bail money! (just don't take a cardboard Edward with you if you see him..PLEASE..thats just creepy!)
    I have already seen Eclipse 7 times and I dont think they are re-releasing it here.
    I had to play the new moon game on my phone for 20 minutes before that question popped up and then I got it another 30 minutes and I got it!! The correct answer is- A Black Bird
    I read and commented on your o/s but that was kinda obvious with my first sentence of This comment.
    And Of course I'm Team Edward!! There is no other team to me. ;)

  4. I follow you like a lost puppy, lol!!! And yes you are crazy but in the good, fun way:) the answer is a black bird ( not sure if it's a crow or not)

  5. Um some of you people are misinformed! Eclipse IS being re-released this weekend for Bella's birthday!! News flash!! I will be going to see it! And it is a black bird.. I've watched this movie one too many times.. I remember finally noticing that like my 3rd watch thru. I'm slow.. shhh!

  6. @Sarah.....I'm sure no one here is misinformed! Just because Eclipse is being re-released, doesn't mean it is going to be everywhere. Where I live, it is not coming back to theatres!

  7. Summit fail then! That sucks =/ It's playing thru at least tues here. I didn't check times past then tho.

  8. Okay! Okay! Okay!!! Yes Eclipse will be re released and nation wide but small chains may not carry it if a bigger movie is running well!

  9. 1. Of course I follow you :D Your tweets make my day! SERIOUSLY. I giggle in class reading them!
    2. Luckily AMC is the nearest theater so as long as they have it, hell yeah i'm seeing Eclipse again!
    3. A Black Crow!
    4. Haha, oxygen tank. I'll need the bail money myself. Florida is not that far from NOLA;)
    5. I'll probably be going in with you!
    6. Will do!