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Monday, September 13, 2010

Bella's Birthday in Houston TX

So today is Bella's official birthday! Happy Birthday Bella! And what do most of us do to celebrate? We get with our girlfriends and party like it's 1999... or at least that's what I did this weekend!!!!!!! 

You see, I have some friends that I met online through a Twilight website, don't we all! And earlier this year, I met all of them at the Twilight Convention in April. We have all become great friends and they invited me to spend the weekend and celebrate Bella's Birthday in Houston Texas. 

(and of course, I leave and Rob hits New Orleans... where's the irony in that?)

Any hoo, I flew this time, flight is only 45 minutes, compared to a 7 hour drive, and stayed with Anna. When I got there we headed straight to the movies and watched ECLIPSE in honor of Bella's Birthday!! (my 6th time and her 3rd time). Another friend, Holly, joined us then we went to a bar for a few drinks and FREE JELLO SHOTS!!! Never, ever, pass up FREE JELLO SHOTS! LOL

On Saturday, I spent the day with Anna and her sister and husband. I had to rub a little LSU Tiger in there, as her sister's husband is a huge Ohio State fan and we beat them to win a National Championship in the Dome, hee hee hee hee. After breakfast and some beauty tips, we headed back to get ready for dinner and karaoke with the ladies!!! While hanging out, I read three fan fiction updates of my favorite stories (plugging begins now,LOL) MotU, University of Edward Masen and Bella Voce! 

At dinner, we also exchanged gifts! I stole an Edward night light, see below:
Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!! Well, I was only allowed two seconds before Holly STOLE IT FROM ME!!!!!!!!

Then I had to pick another present and got an Edward coffee mug and by the way, we had coffee together this morning!!!! But wait, there's more... my hostee with the mostee got a life size poster of you know who!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

It's all good! Now she has to find where to put it and I don't! LOL

Anyhoo, we headed out into the city of Houston to do a little (alot on my part) drinking and a whole lot of singing!! Karaoke was fun, I did not sing, I was the back up dancer! I think, I've been told, that I dance with my friend's sister's husband? Oops... There's the New Orleans in me! LMAO

The night ended and I said good bye to my ladies with hopes of their travels to New Orleans soon for Breaking Dawn production this fall.
But not before I molested pocket Edward a few too many times! 

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