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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Breaking Dawn Casting and other important news...

Hey there guys... Missed me?? Between RL and writing and RL and napping and RL and other stuff... I've been away too long... But then again, not much has been happening lately and since I refuse to post pap pics and other crap like that, I finally have some GREAT news to share...

For starters... Breaking Dawn casting alert!!! Looks like as we get closer to November we should be hearing alot of casting alerts as Summit looks to fill positions within other covens that are introduced towards the end of Breaking Dawn. And the first to be filled was the part of Benjamin by Rami Malek who can be seen in such films as Night at the Museum (parts 1 and 2) as Ahkmenrah and the TV series called the Pacific, which was an HBO project back in March of 2010.

If you are not familiar with Benjamin, he is part of the Egyptian Coven that consist of Amun and Kebi and Benjamin and Tia. Benjamin is the only member that has a "Super Power" in which he can control the elements.

Now, I am interested to see which other Covens we will meet? I am still interested to see how Rosenberg approaches the Denali Coven since no word has been mention of them in the 3 prior films. Mostly because Irina's the main "bullet" that sparks the final show down at the end of the book.

Any hoo... For all you Welcome to the Riley fans, the movie will open the New Orleans Film Festival October 14th. I for one can't wait to see this movie and be apart of the experience of a "small" premiere. trust me, I will have my phone ready!!!

Also, there have been some rumors about filming, final battle scene and Baton Rouge... I for one don't believe in RUMORS (u know that Fleetwood Mac song, LOL) and for someone to start one is dumb. THEY WILL NOT FILM ANY OUTSIDE WORK HERE IN BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA. Our outside CANNOT pass for Vancouver or the Pacific Northwest! So, if you continue to listen to that crap... You will be running about Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas like a chicken with your head cut off because that FINAL BATTLE SCENE WILL BE FILMED IN VANCOUVER, I GUARANTEE IT!!!!

That is all.... Have a GREAT DAY!!!

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  1. OME!!! I can't wait for them to start filming Breaking Dawn!!! It will be interesting to see who will be playing in the big fight scene because there are so many covens and "friends" that came in to help.