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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thy Hand At Fan Fiction

HI!!! How are ya doing??? I have something very important to announce...

I wrote a little one shot and would like to share just a little of a sneak peak of it...

Why the hell Am I so freaking nervous about this????????????

Oh well.... here goes....

TEASER FOR O/S: Blueberries, Pineapples,
and Strawberries... Oh My!

“So, Bella,” Alice began, “what’s with this fruit salad?”

“Jeez, Alice,” I said, “it’s only fruit.”

“And what’s up with you, Alice?” Rose looked at her.

“She probably hasn’t had any in a while,” I giggled, Rose chimed in.

“Well it’s true,” she seem embarrassed. “Jasper’s been really busy lately. Sex is not high on our to-do list, unlike some people in this family.”

“Hmmm,” Rosalie commented. “Well, I owe my new sex life all to Bella and her little secret.”

“Secret?” Alice screeched. “What secret?”


Ring! Ring! Ring!

I heard it, but didn’t want to answer it. Edward was sprawled up against my back, holding me and moving his fingers slowly around my waist, while I lay on my side.

“Edward… you answer that,” I groaned.

He planted a kiss on my shoulder blade, “No.”

Ring! Ring! Ring!

“Seriously… answer it,” I whimpered at him.

This time he licked up to my ear and whispered, “No.”

Ring! Ring! Ring!

“Oh for Pete’s sake,” I started to roll over and he caught me. He pulled me on top of him and kissed me hard. He was hard, as well.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Well... there ya go... Want more??? Go and check it out on!!!!


  1. OH my!!! Hummm, I bet she never answered that phone.

  2. luv it... makes me wanna read more more MORE! ;)