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Monday, October 11, 2010

Teaser for Chapter 3 :: Chance Meeting

It's Monday and that could only mean? You get a sneak peak look into Chapter 3 of Dreams!!!

I made you wait long enough but I think you guys can wait until tomorrow for the entire chapter to be post? No you can't? Oh well, for now you get a teaser... Enjoy...

Teaser for Chapter 3 Chance Meeting:

“Ready,” I said as I jumped right behind them.

“Wonder who those people are,” Jessica asked. She threw her arms up and I helped her up.

“Party people,” I said.

“Oh, those are some guys who work for a film crew,” Angela stated.

We all turned around and looked at her.

“How do you know that?” Jessica asked. Marcus chimed in, “Yea, please give us the 4-1-1, Angela.”

“Apparently, this company was filming a movie here for a couple of weeks and they just wrapped up. They threw some kind of party here tonight. That’s probably why the bar was so busy tonight.”

“And you know this how?” Jessica quizzed her. “I mean it’s not like you to be Ms. Know It All.”

“Because Angela got to hob knob with most of them,” I said.

“With who?”

I pointed my finger towards the awaiting limo, “Them.”

Marcus and Jessica turned.

“Eeeek,” Jessica shrilled. “Is that who I think it is?”

“I think it is who you think it is, Jess,” Marcus answered her.

oooooooooo I wonder who they are???? LOL 

chapter will be up tomorrow on ffn, in the meantime, get those gears rolling!! 

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