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Saturday, October 16, 2010

What a Freaking Dream Night!!!!!!

Okay, I am still weak in the knees and a little light headed and amazed! 

What am I talking about, you asked? 

I got a once in a life time opportunity only one can DREAM of!!! And this is what happened!

A couple of months ago, I found out through tweeter that Kristen Stewart's little indie project, Welcome to the Riley's was going to open the New Orleans Film Festival and I jumped! I went all out and bought an all access pass which granted me a lot of extras. I also found some other "local ladies" to go with and share this wonderful experience!!!

So, here it is, October 15, I get up like any other day and realize that today is the DAY!!! I quickly clean my house, get all four kids out the door and off to school, shower, dress, make sure I have money, credit cards, ID, emails and my little Rob Porn book and sharpie!! (why? well there were reports of Robsten in town. I bought it with me just in case!)

Anyhoo, never have experiencing anything like a film fest and being a virgin at that, I decided to check out the line for tickets at 9:15 that morning, 1 chick... That was it! By the time the Film Society got there and set up, I was second in line and received my all access pass and my two Welcome to the Riley's tickets!!!! 

After that, my other girl friends who were sharing this experienced, showed up and got their tickets as well! In all there was eight of us! Holding our tickets dear to our hearts, we went into New Orleans and grabbed some lunch at a great bar called Yo Momma's. We ended up going upstairs and eating at the bar. Drinks and the best damn hamburgers ever at 1pm on a Friday, while every one else is WORKING!!! 

As we drank, we started to talk about fan fics and movies and books. And then we saw it!!! 

We couldn't stop laughing... a riding crop, a flogger, dusters and more! Red lights and chains... it could only be one thing??? Fifty's Playroom of Pain!! 

So, we eat, laugh and drink and then head back to one of the girl's hotel room, to freshen up and grab a cab down to the Prytania. We got there at around 4 and the people there were like "you guys are really really early" We know! 

After waiting for about two hours, we took our place in line. I got to go in first since I had an all access pass and saved our seats. The Prytania is the oldest, single screen theater in New Orleans. It is not stadium style, it's flat and there is a balcony.

We waited patiently, watched the Mayor of New Orleans meet and great people and then... there he was, Jake Scott, Director of Welcome to the Riley's. His father is Ridley Scott, director of Blade Runner and Alien, and his uncle is Tony Scott, director of Top Gun and Man on Fire. They both produced WTTR. 

He gives a brief introduction and then the movie starts and then....

OMG This movie is amazing. James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo are entertaining as husband and wife still dealing with the death of their only daughter. On a convention trip to New Orleans, Gandolfini's character Doug Riley, meets Kristen Stewart's character Mallory, who strips for a living and has a really, bad potty mouth! Doug finds himself seeing his daughter through Mallory and takes it upon himself to not only clean her house but her up as well. 

Leo's Lois, has never left the house since the death. As her sister points out, played by Ally Sheedy for like 15 seconds, she needs to get out and get her own damn paper. Lois decides to join her husband in New Orleans and drives allllllll the way from Indy to New Orleans for the first time in YEARS! Lets just say that is the comic performance!!! While she is driving, my home town of LaPlace was featured, as Leo's character drove down the interstate by the weigh stations!! I freaked out when I saw that!!

All three give an outstanding performance, even Stewart. If we figured out correctly, she made this movie right after filming Twilight and she was only 18 at the time!!! Amazing talent on her part!!! 

So after the movie, we all got to sit in on the Q&A with Mr. Scott!! He spoke about how the movie was made, introduced some local cast and crew members, explained his thought process and how it was working with Leo, James and Kristen! He even performed a little dance number... LOL 

And as we were walking out, I pulled our girls along with me and this is what happened.........

That's me!!! To the right of Director Jake Scott!! He looks just like his dad!!  We also met the couple whose house was used in Mandeville, which is across the lake from New Orleans and the lady that portray the hair dresser in one scene with Leo! SURREAL!!!!

And that was it! That was my FREAKING DREAM NIGHT! I don't think I will EVER have that opportunity EVER again!!!


  1. So glad it was a fun night! =) Very cool that you got the pic with Jake Scott! Cannot wait to see this movie!!!

  2. I'm so glad you had a good time, bb. The pic is awesome! Sounds like you had a blast! I would have died when seeing the floggers and riding crop especially after talking about fanfic!!I can't wait to see the movie myself.

  3. i am so glad you had a great time!!! i can't wait to see it! what an amazing experience. thank you for sharing it with us :)