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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Meet the Denali Clan

First we got the news that Irnia was cast, then... We get the whole Denali Clan! WooHoo! God knows I did a happy dance!!

Now, here comes the next question... do we meet them in the first part of Breaking Dawn or will Rosenberg make us wait to see them until part two... who the hell knows.

Any way... I did some research and now I would like to introduce you to the DENALI CLAN.

I forgot which book it was but we know about the Denali Clan long before Breaking Dawn, that is if you read the books... We also know that they are the closest clan besides the Cullens who only feed on animals and not humans, so basically their eyes will be topaz too!

Eleazar, who has the power to sniff out a power of an opposing vampire, will be played by Christian Camargo. Two movies you might had seen him in is: National Treasure 2, where he played John Wilkes Booth, and the Hurt Locker.  I have to tell you, he fits the character to a tee, he is just how I imagined Eleazar to look like!!!

Carmen, no special powers but is with Eleazar, will be played by Mia Maestro. She was in the 2006 version of Posiedon with Kurt Russell and Josh Lucas. And again, she fits the character to a tee!!!

Tanya, no special powers except her beauty, will be played by MyAnne Buring. She was in the movie Grindhouse in 2007. 

Kate, who has a power of electrical charge (remember she knocked Garrett, the nomad, down to the ground) that she can run through out her body, will be played by Casey LaBow. She was in a movie called The Unknown in 2005.

Irnia, no special powers but is linked to Laurent in New Moon, will be played by Maggie Grace. She was in the tv show LOST as Shannon Rutherford and played Liam Neeson's daughter in Taken. 

Okay... so there is the Denali Clan... now we have to wait to see when we meet them. I am hoping for the first part, during the wedding but since Rosenberg has left them out of all three movies so far... how the heck are you going to explain them now... for those who HAVEN'T read the books...

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