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Friday, October 15, 2010

FanFiction Friday's with LadyTazz

Thank God It's Friday!!

Today I have a Complete and WIP by SweetT129 and A OS by BellaBee66

This weeks Completed Fic:

The battle with Victoria and the newborns takes a tragic turn and five lives are lost. This is the story of how Bella and the other survivors learn how to live and love again.
The story is built upon canon, going AU at the point of the battle with Victoria and the newborns. This time, the battle is not so simple, and Esme, Edward, Jacob, Leah, and Paul are killed.
This is the story of how Bella and the Cullens pick up the pieces after the terrible tragedy and find a way to live again. It's quite emotional and slow-building, and I've done my best to keep it as realistic as possible (for the Twilight world, lol) and keep everyone in character.

Here's a preview:
"Bella, everything you heard in those letters was true. You are a Cullen, no matter what. We love you, and we want you to stay."
She looked up at me, her eyes brimming with tears. "How, Carlisle? How can you want me to stay?"
I took her face between my hands and looked directly into her eyes. "Because Bella, I can't make it if you don't. I need you now. You are the only one who can understand the pain I'm in, and I yours. We all need each other. This family will fall apart if we separate now. Please, Bella, say you'll stay with us."

"But since we lost Esme and Edward, I've felt his feelings toward her - he thinks of her as a friend. A best friend, perhaps. He has loved her in that way since the battle. And she feels for him in the same way. And I've noticed, especially in the last few months, that the connection they feel for each other seems stronger somehow. When they are not together, they both feel incomplete, but together, they both feel secure. They really rely quite heavily on each other.

~~This story took me awhile to read this story because I knew there would be character death. I'm glad I did. It's a roller coaster ride of emotions and it's worth it!! TRUST ME!!~~

You will fall in love with Bella and Carlisle together!!
It has a sequel also!!

Basking in the Light of our Love
Sequel to A Light in the Darkness. This story follows Carlisle and Bella in their life as newlyweds, beginning the morning after their wedding. Many surprises to come for the new husband and wife. What will they be?

This Weeks WIP

To Have and To Hold by SweetT129
Welcome to Forks. It may be a quiet town, but drama is hiding around every corner. Jasper and Bella thought they were living a dream until strange gifts and letters began appearing. Who they were from and what they meant was a mystery, one that was far more complicated than the lovers could ever imagine. The lovers, however, aren't the only ones in town with trouble on their hands. To Have and To Hold is a Twilight soap opera. Enjoy!

~~OMG this story is the funniest thing I have read in awhile! It truly is like reading a soap opera~~

Some of the lines that cracked me up:
*Jasper made sandwiches, cut up melon, and gathered some bottled water and chips, placing everything into his picnic basket. Once the food was ready, Jasper went upstairs to get his favorite plaid blanket from the bedroom closet,

*Later that evening, over plates of spaghetti and meatballs - Charlie's favorite dish

*"Now quit your wailin', son," Peter scolded. "You're a grown man, and it's not as if your Mama and I don't...


This Weeks One Shot

AH Officer Masen is the newest addition to the Forks Police Dept. He's been warned about the Chief's daughter. He finds himself pulling her over for speeding. Just how far will Bella go to get out of a ticket? Yummy goodness with twist of LEMON!


~~OMG, this one shot is awesome!!! She kinda throws you for a loop and you get one hot LEMON!!~~

That's it for me, remember to review as you !!!

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