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Friday, July 9, 2010

My Eclipse Movie Review

So, saw it at midnight, then went back that Saturday and saw it in IMAX.

So here's my review.... Go see it in IMAX!!!!

LMAO.... okay, okay.... here goes!

Liked how it started, with Riley and all. Loved the first Meadow Scene, Edward was all frisky! But I also noticed something both times, the movie clips quickly until the final showdown. I thought it was just me at midnight, but when I saw it again Saturday, it still did the same but slower.

I never thought of Eclipse as "The Dark Book", so I was worried when Slade was picked as Director but let me just say... HE DID AN AMAZING JOB WITH ECLIPSE!!!!

The wolves looked more animal like, thinner, but still kept their colors. The Cullens, the Newborns, Riley and Jane and company looked amazing. There was still some makeup problems, with Rosalie and What the hell is up with Jasper's freaking HAIR!!!!!

I loved Rosalie's flashback and Jasper's as well. I thought it was a nice touch to add, for those who have never read the book. Gives you an idea of their characters and how "they came to be"! However, as my sister pointed out, in the book, Rosalie comes to Bella, not Bella coming to Rosalie. I think Rosenberg should have kept true to the book here, as it sets up certain scenes in Breaking Dawn.

I was a little upset about the "Switzerland" speech. It's not that I wanted it word for word, but I think with Bella just blurting out "I'm Switzerland" was point less. Again, if you didn't read the books you were lost here.

Loved the Cullens and wolves chasing Victoria. I loved how Emmett got pissed when she blew him off and when he and Paul stared each other down!

Graduation scene was okay but let me get this straight -

Alice and Edward have the same last name, right? Cullen and Jasper's supposed twin is Rosalie and their last name is Hale.... So, Alice and Edward should have sat together and if you read the books.... Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett graduated in New Moon. Made ya think???

So, I have saved the best for last, Tent, Leg Hitch and fighting scenes.

The "Leg Hitch/Proposal" went by way too damn fast. But it was EPIC!

The "Tent Scene", which I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat, was okay... I don't know, there was something missing. I also was excepting to see Jacob get thrown across the tent as well. I think that that would have made that scene better than the Proposal!!!

The fighting was speculator! I love watching the Cullen's rip people apart. Jasper was all over Alice, trying to protect her, but she held her own. The wolves coming in was awesome!

Now, Edward and Victoria's fight was a little staged, I found. Plus, Bella spends the entire time up against the wall of rock with Seth and Riley to one side and Edward and Victoria to the other, in the book. Edward would have NEVER pulled her along for that ride. His job is to protect her, not put her in harms way.

Now onto the music. The Soundtrack has some amazing artist on it but one particular song didn't make the movie, which by the way surprised the hell out of me. The Florence + The Machine song was used during the credits. I really had hoped that they would have used it when Jacob was carrying her to the "camping site".

The Sia song, My Love, was used in the most beautiful scene, the "Leg Hitch/Proposal". I had wrote that down a long time ago and that would make more sense since it's a love song! Gives me chills every time I listen to it!!!

As for the score, not that impressed. I have heard some of Shore's scores before. (I own the LOTR's scores). But something was missing. The pieces are toooooo short and very choppy. Nothing like New Moon's score, which for me, is still one of the best one! However, after downloading it and listening to it Tuesday morning, I started on the bonus tracks first, "Wedding Plans" and I cried. That is the ending song of the movie. So, as it played out on the BIG Screen, I cried like a big ole baby!!!

In all, the anticipation was well worth it. Loved that I got more Edward in this one. Slade did a marvelous job and should be proud of his work!!

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