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Friday, July 9, 2010

My Eclipse Movie Experience

So, Tuesday June 29th, started off just like any other day for me. I got up at the ass crack of dawn to clean, got the babies off to daycare, went to Barnes and Nobles to pick up three production books and another copy of Eclipse for a book project, then to Micheal's for some supplies for said book.

Then I returned home to find Remember Me on, I had two extra girls with me that day, and OF COURSE I watched it... Wall Sex.... hmmmm....

Anyhoo, we left around 1:30 to head out to Elmwood to see what kind of line there was. We decided, based off our experience last year, that the TRIPLE FEATURE was the best way to go. We arrived around 2:45pm but had to wait about 15 minutes because it was raining Zebra's and Goats!!!

The line wasn't long, so we sat and waited. The girls, including my daughter, went into the theater's game room and didn't bother me one bit! They finally moved us around 5pm into our theater and we got these really cool looking laynards with a $10 concession card!!

So Twilight started at 6:30pm, the same time Nancy's flight landed. She arrived around 7 ish and finished Twilight with us. New Moon started on time, at 9pm, I missed most of it, but did get back when Bella saved Edward... Best Damn Part!! LOL

So, I stepped out in between our 45 minute break before Eclipse started. Now, the theater that we were at holds 20 screens, one of those being an IMAX screen. And yes, they did offer that zany 3 am IMAX screening Wednesday morning!!! All screens were sold out and even at 11;30, there were still people trying to get in, the line wrapped around the building!!

Eclipse starts about 20 minutes after midnight, because of previews, and I did not leave my seat!!! I was memorized the entire time!!! I laughed. I cried. I clapped when Edward put the ring on. I yelled when Jacob showed up with out his shirt on! (I am Team Edward, until... Jacob takes his shirt off!) And yes, I was the one singing the Metric and Florence + The Machine song as the credits rolled!!!

Then I went home and took a "nap" and started to plan Nancy's vacation!!!

Well there you go... Next... MOVIE REVIEW!!!

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