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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Adventures with Nancy Pants

So, here I sit, in front of my lappy, feeling like I'm missing something???

Hmmm..... Wonder what that could be???

Ah, I KNOW! Nancy Pants!!!!!

The adventure began on Tuesday June 29th, the day Eclipse was released in theaters at midnight! We had talked at the beginning of the year about her coming down and visiting. And of course she agreed and I said what better way to visit then when Eclipse opened, so we can see it together!

From day one of planning, I let her know that we would do a Triple Feature if offered by the theater and of course, it was!! So I brought enough tickets for our group and counted down the days!!

The day has arrived and of course, her flight was delayed! As I waited for Twilight to start around 6:30pm, her flight was due to land. She showed up about 45 minutes into Twilight and the rest is history!!

I had many things planned for her visit! Alot of it was centered around Downtown New Orleans. We started out at Mardi Gras World by the convention center and she got to see how they build the floats for Mardi Gras and taste a little King Cake! Then we walked down towards the Quarter.

The next day, my sister and I, took her around the Quarter. Showed her the French Market, Decatur Street, the St. Louis Cathedral and even took her on a walking tour of St. Louis # 1 Cemetery!!! Because you do that here!!!! We also introduced her to Cafe Du Monde where they sell beignets and to a bar on St. Peters Street called "Yo Mama's", REMEMBER that name!!!

On Saturday, we went and saw Eclipse again, this time in IMAX!!! And met up with other Twilighters!!! Then me and my hubby, took her to an amazing institution called "Rock n Bowl" in Mid City!!! Kermit Ruffins was playing but we couldn't get a lane to bowl, so we sat back and people watched and drank!!! And got hit with Hula Hoops?

On July 4th, I had some friends and family stop by and we BBQ'ed for her and had an awesome drink provider!! Our own daiquiri machine to give us all the drinks in the world! We partied till MIDNIGHT and Nancy Pants finished off the machine!!

Monday we took her on a Swamp Tour in our own back yard! She fed some alligators and even held a baby one!

The following day, we took a rest and both got massages and visited an Southern Plantation! We also hit Bourbon Street that night as well!! We had a beautiful meal at Mureil's in Jackson Square! My best friend, along with her boyfriend and my hubby took Nancy Pants around Bourbon Street and found a bar called "TROPICAL ISLE" !!! We introduced her to the "HAND GENERADE" and lets just say, she really, really, really, REALLY enjoyed them!!!!

We bar hopped for a few and then settled in at "The Beach"! Normally they play club/dance music, but since it was a week night, there was a house band that covered songs! Anyhoo, we convinced her to "RIDE THE WHALE"! So, after she had 5 drinks, she hopped onto that whale (backwards at first, LOL) and hung on for dear life!!!

We survived the night and went back into the city the next day! We had beignets for the last time on her visit and took a carriage ride through the Quarter!! In between, Nancy Pants got a tattoo of her visit here!!!! What a way to remember a vacay!!!

Then today, we drove down St. Charles Ave to show her the mansions and stuff and then down Magazine Street! We went back into the Quarter for a few last minute items for her and ended up eating at "Court of Two Sisters" on Royal Street.

Let me just tell ya, I am stuffed while writing this! LOL

So there is the story of me showing Nancy Pants around the City of New Orleans! Now, my only hope is that she goes back to CANADA and tells her friends and family to come here and see the sights and eat our food!!!

Next up for me is a vacation in Arkansas visiting Becca! The whole family is going and I can't wait! I haven't seen her since the beginning of April!!!

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  1. Wow, you girls partied!!! Sounds like a great time!!