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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eclipse Soundtrack

Well... Have ya listened to it yet??? Come on, what are you waiting for????

The Eclipse Motion Picture Soundtrack was released on June 8th and is currently listed at #2 on ITunes!!!

Now, I pre-ordered mine and got some really cool bonus tracks! I downloaded it that morning around 6:30am (hubby looked at me in a weird kinda of way) and attempted to listen to it all day... But of course the kiddies wouldn't let me!!

So, today, I have listened to the entire CD and here are my takes on each and about where I "THINK" they might go?!?!?!?!

First off, I'm going to skip to Florence + The Machine "Heavy in Your Arms" as this IS my FAVORITE out of all the songs! I've always been a fan of Flo and love, love, her and her music style, so naturally I was stoked to have them on this soundtrack!! Any way, I find repeating this one often ( it has been played at least 10 times on itunes, LOL)! I'm rambling here... any way I think this would be perfect for the scene before "THE TENT SCENE", when Jacob is carrying Bella around in the forest... Now if you listen closely, it could be used for an Edward/Bella scene too but my money's on Jacob!

Second, MUSE!!! I watch the video at least once a day and I have been playing this track since May, when it was released. What can I say, it's MUSE!! Now where does it go??? I really think it will be used as a "CREDIT SONG". Another words, as the credits roll and the final score piece is over, this song will begin. If you remember, the Paramore "Decode" and Death Cab for Cutie "Meet Me on The Equinox" songs were the ones that had movie scenes in their videos and were used at the end of the credits in each movie, so there's where my money is!! And trust me, I won't mind staying to hear this one!!

Now, my next faves are Metric "All Yours" , The Bravery "Ours", Beck and Bat for Lashes "Let's get Lost", Sia "My Love" and The Black Keys "Chop and Change"

The Metric song should be the final song of the movie, as said in a blog post on MySpace. The band co wrote the song with the composer Howard Shore. It's pure Metric, which I'm a huge fan of too! The Bravery track is peppy, makes ya dance around, so I'm aiming for the party after graduation?!?!

Now the "Jacob Theme" from the composer Howard Shore is amazing. It gives you a sneak peak of the score it's self, which will be released in store on June 29th. I find it very, very hunting and I can picture Jacob begging/pleading Bella to chose him. As for as placement, I am hoping that this piece is the base line of the score, so it could be used every time Jacob has a scene with or with out any one. It's his piece and his piece alone. It's beautiful and makes me eager to get my hands on the rest of it!!!

So, there ya go... My take on the soundtrack. The other songs are growing on me, so I can't review or give an opinion on them yet!

Go... Run... and get the Eclipse Soundtrack, via ITunes or your local music store!!!!

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