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Sunday, June 6, 2010

MTV Movie Awards and New Moon

WooHoo!!! What a night!! Tweeter was like nuts!!! My kids annoyed the HELL out of me!!! But now I am watching the MTV Movie Awards yet again!

I will post videos tomorrow but here's a run down of the winners from tonight!!!

Best Female Performance: Kristen Stewart for New Moon

Breakout Performance: Anna Kendrick for Up in the Air

Best Scared as Shit: Amanda Seyfried for Jennifer's Body

Best Kiss: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for New Moon ( psst... they actually some what kissed this time)

Best WTF? Ken Jeong for the Hangover ( psst... Betty White should have won!!!)

Best Villain: Tom Felton for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Biggest Bad Ass Star: Rain (don't remember which movie)

Best Male Performance: Robert Pattinson for New Moon

Global Superstar: Robert Pattinson (they gave him both and he had no idea?)

Best Comedic Performance: That Zach dude from the Hangover ( psst.. Sandra Bullock should have won!)

Best Movie: New Moon

MTV Generation Award: Sandra Bullock (Betty White: Don't ever wear that dress backwards!)

Now as far as the show, it was funny as ever... alot of F bombs going off but I must say, even though Twilight swept the awards the best thing that happened was Peter acceptance speech!!!

I quote - " Go see Bleeping Eclipse on June Bleeping 30th " Couldn't have said it better!!!

As far as the clip for Eclipse?!?!?! Mixed reviews on my end... It was the parking lot scene when they return from Florida... it was all GOOD until she jumped onto the back of the motor cycle???????????

WTF?????????????????????? I'm sorry but Jeez... Rosenberg... some things need to stay as they lay..... I'm going to be really, really, really pissed off if that's the way it is in the movie....

All in all... The MTV Movie Awards prove to be an amazing evening as EVER! EPIC!!! Can't wait till next year!!!

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