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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Okay, one more news worthy piece and I saved the best for LAST....

As you know, the MTV Movie Awards are this Sunday, June 6th (check your local listings). And as you also know, our FAB Three some will be there with, of course, a special treat!!! A new clip from Eclipse!!!

So, MTV has started their typical promotion of the show with various promo's airing through out the day... Well... guess what... Rob and Taylor both have one with none other than Tom Freaking Cruise (Sorry!).

Rob is so cute in his.... Wanting to dress up for this one, wash his hair, shave, wear a jacket... only problem, Tom Cruise aka Les Grossman wants him like he is.... Dirty hair and all....

Take a look at the link for the video and watch for kids, there is some not so good words used even with them bleeped out... LOL

Robert Pattinson and Tom Cruise appear in hysterical MTV Movie Awards promo video

Source: Twi Examiner

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