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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Countdown to Eclipse!!!

26 more days.... 26 more days.... 26 more days....

So today, I will honor those Alice fans and quote some of my fave's of hers and here is still to hope that they get into the movie some form of way!!!

" Haven't you notice yet, Bella, that Edward is just the teeniest bit prone to overreaction? "
Alice, Chapter 4 pg. 93

" This hostage stuff is fun. "
Alice, Chapter 6 pg 150

" You need to think of Charlie now. ... It's more important now that ever that Charlie stays safely in the dark. Play your role first, Bella, and then you can do what you want second. Part of being a Cullen is being meticulously responsible. "
Alice, Chapter 26 pg 581

Come back tomorrow for another quote fest as we count down the days till ECLIPSE!!!