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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eclipse Wallpaper

The other day, while surfing Tweeter, I saw that some one wanted some bed room scenes from Eclipse... Lucky me, I saved some pics on my handy dandy IPhone and sent them on their way!

Little did I know, she was making a wallpaper and guess what... here it is:

It's kinda of small here but let me tell ya, this chick is amazing!! I was so happy that I could be apart of this and share my love for this particular scene in the movie!

So, wanna know who made this?? I will tell ya this, ONE VERY TALENTED PERSON!! LOL

I sat down with the talented artist and got the goods on her:

Her Twitter name is : @iTwilightspr and she does have a blog but does admit that she isn't on it alot but for me as a blogger, I support others so I will send you guys her way at .

I also asked the all important question : "HOW DID YOU COME ACROSS TWILIGHT" and this is what she had to say:

"My friend's daughter lent the Twilight DVD and I watched it and then the troubles began. She read all four books and seen both Twilight and New Moon over a thousand times."

Who hasn't!!!LOL

She has also seen Eclipse three times and is longing for the DVD so she can add it to her IPhone! She is also a TwiMom from the Netherlands, has two children and a hubby. She enjoys making wallpapers, and a wonderful job if I might add, and spends her time behind her laptop and on her IPhone ( hee, hee, hee, so do I!!!). She loves movies and has a big Crush on Robert Pattinson!!!

So, there ya go... come by the blog and should your support for this amazing wallpaper and the artist @iTwilightspr !

Thanks guys!!

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