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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Master of the Universe Read it again Starting Aug 9th

If you are anything like me... You miss Fifty!

If you are new to fan fic and have no IDEA who Fifty is... Well here's your chance to get to know Fifty and his story!!

Written by a talented lady... Snow Queen and Ice Dragons or Icy as we know her by writes a tale of Domintate and Submissiveness. A tale that take you into a world of how sex and power work. A tale that captivated a group of fic readers and has led to a blog site and twitter following as well as a face book page of devoted Fifty fans, me being one of them!!!

So come and join us on Tazz's Obsession blog site for a read along of Master of the Universe or MotU as we call it!

Read along starts August 9th... Be there... I will!!!!

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