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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Twilight in Forks!

A Documentary about the little town made famous by one little movie, Twilight.

Interviews range from town folk, to fans, to websites, to the Chief of Police. They even make it over to La Push!

I watched this today as I forgot to buy it when New Moon came out. I laughed as I related to most of what the fans and websites had to say. The town is very welcoming of the fan base that this series has bought along.

In one given year, 18,000 people pass through the Visitor Center, and not just from the states, other countries have visited as well.

They gave you a look into the town itself, the people and places. It was picturesque and absoutley beatuiful. They spoke with Quileute people and explained a little bit about the wolves and tribe that still live there.

As a fan of the series, I highly suggest this DVD. It is a must have for all Twilight fans, young and old!

A trip to Forks wouldn't be bad either...

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  1. I am determined to take a trip to Forks next summer.

  2. Me and Becca, are planning one... I can keep ya updated if you would like!

  3. I have this DVD and it was interesting!! I really want to go to Forks one day!