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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shoe Shopping with the Hubby

Haa, Haa, Haa,

When one hears of a husband and wife shopping together it usually contains things for the house. Like a new washer/dryer, television set, DVD player and so on.

Not with my family... We shoe shop together!
So, after my doctor appt got canceled, I decided to run into town and pickup my copy of Twilight in Forks, review will be posted later! I also walked out with four new CD's too!!

Anyhoo, the hubby calls after I got my wedding bands cleaned (free of charge too) and wanted to go to lunch, so off I went. The place we ate at is in the mall and the hubby wanted to look for some new shoes for work. The problem with that is he is too darn picky. They have to be solid brown with a smooth front. Whatever! So I ended up buying a cute little bag on sale and we left. As we walked back through the mall, he noticed another shoe store, I moaned and he started to walk forward again.

I grabbed his arm and told him to check it out, it's a discount store so they would be way cheaper than Sears!! He rolled his eyes at me and said, "No, you saw $9.99 shoes." Of course, what woman passes up $10 flip flops???

So we are looking for solid brown with a smooth front shoe for him. I asked, "What size," he answered, "Whatever size you like it to be." Yep, that's the hubby, forever stuck in a 17 yr old boys body!! I rolled my eyes at him, then went off to find the $1o flip flops. Next thing I hear is a crash and him laughing. "Jeez, I can't leave you alone for 2 seconds without you destroying the store." He laughs as he tries on a pair of solid brown smooth front shoes.
"Does it fit," I asked, "You tell me, *wink, wink*" I replied, "I can't bring you any where any more."

So the pair fit and we buy them and leave. He walks me to the truck and I bring home the shoes for him. But I did find a really cool ass hat.....

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