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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Back on April 21st, David Slade tweeted about the score for Eclipse...

David_A_Slade: Howard Shore composer and conductor at Abbey Rd Studios with Orchestra.
Our sound score recording is complete. and there are no words to describe it. The film just got more exciting.

Now this gets me very excited, why? I am a score junkie. Which translate I LOVE movie scores. I have a huge collection of them and use them in my everyday life.

So to hear that the Eclipse score is complete is amazing. I am very interested to hear what Shore has the offer for the film, as each composer has brought a little of themselves to each score.

There is only a few pieces from the Twilight score that I like, but I can't put down the New Moon score!

So, the countdown for this begins for me, just wished I knew when...

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