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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Twilight Convention

Someone said I need to blog something so she could read it.... well here ya go...

Auction story!!!

Saturday April 10th, was just your average day at Twilight Convention in Houston Texas. We met Gil Birmingham, that's another story in itself... Anyway, then Charlie Bewley and Christopher Heyerdahl. They were funny together! Charlie did his impression of Patrick Swayze and jumped off the stage, then sat right across from my sister! Then Kiowa Gordon, he looked a little bored, but then howled and it was all good.

So late in the afternoon, me and my sis wandered back into the hall so we didn't miss Mike Welch. Unknowingly, they were setting up for the Auction. To the right of the stage they had HUGE banners laid out. I looked around and found one from New Moon of Mr. Robert Pattinson, going shirtless in New Moon. I said to myself, "Momma is going home with you tonight!" I went back to my seat and quickly counted my money, $170 in cash, that's all I had left.

So the Auction begins, little things here and there, going for no more than $150. So they began to bring on the banners, and yep Edward is next. They start the bidding at $10, yes $10! I threw my hands up and my pocket Edward went flying towards my sister. A few peeps bid against me and before I knew it, I was in the $200 range! Well, Im jumping and waving and jumping and waving, even the peeps on the stage were getting into it! The dude even told me "You really don't need to do that!" Jeez Dude, That's like the ROB!!!!

Anyhoo, now it's down to me and another lady sitting in the front row to the right of me. I get to $300 and she $310 me back, my sister kicks me and says "Stop", I sat down and took one look at the banner and yelled "I love you Rob!" The entire hall was laughing at me. Didn't win that one. But I got the lady to pay $310 for it! *winks*

So, a few pieces down, the picture comes up. The dude starts explaining how they come by the autograph photos of the stars and that they touch and hold and sign all photos themselves! So, he holds up the pic and it's MINE!!! Again, he starts the bidding at $10 and notices that I jump right up from my seat. "Oh boy," He said, "The jumper is back!" After going back and forth, jumping up and down, a lady in the front of me, who just happened to be in our group, had been bidding against me this entire time! I didn't care, I wanted that PICTURE!

So the bid is $200 to me, of course I jumped out of my seat! $210 to her, she back down!!!


Well there you go, I would do anything for a picture...


  1. They say it's worth a thousand words! Or exactly $210.00. Which ever comes first.

  2. You totally deserved that banner but I am super happy you took Rob home one way or another :)

  3. Again I repeat myself that we rule the auction Twiworld,lol