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Saturday, April 17, 2010


That's right, this Friday, April 23rd there's a new trailer coming for Eclipse! Happy Dance?!

Well I'm a bit concern as all the gossip is that it's the "FINAL" trailer. What does that mean? And they are re shooting certain scenes?

Why is it that we only get two trailers? For New Moon, we had three, count em three. Crap, I even took my kid to see Band Slam in order to see the trailer on the BIG Screen!

I'm not totally impressed with the trailer that's out now, why, there's no action, wolves, kissing, touching... I could go on but I'm not. So it seems, just another ploy on Summpid part to make us wait!

So, what do I wish for in this new trailer? A tent, some wolves, like Seth and Leah, a lot of action, would love to see me some Victoria and Edward fighting!! Maybe a little Graduation partying, a tent, a leg hitch, the Cullens, wolves, okay, okay... I'll stop there because honestly I want this movie and I want it now!

Enjoy this Friday, ladies and gents! It will be a big day in the Twi World!!

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