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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Water for Elephants International Trailer


After looking around on Twitter this morning, I found this article from Hollywood Crush about an International Trailer for Water for Elephants. I took a peak, watched the trailer and WOW!

Now, I had seen a different trailer when I saw The Black Swan. There was like a second or two of footage that was different from when the 1st trailer premiered. And having read the book, I knew exactly which scenes they were, which in returned got me even MORE excited for this movie!!!!

Now that I have come across this trailer, there are a few more scenes that are new... a short sec kiss between Jacob and Marlena, Jacob walking across the top of a moving train and others that I didn't see in the first one.

Take a peak at the web site below to watch the full International Trailer for Water For Elephants and let me know what you think!!!

Source: MTV Hollywood Crush and TrailerAddict

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